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[EU2] Zeus Operations - 14/07/19 @ 17:00 UTC

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Event Date:



Mission Name:

[EU2] Zeus Operations

17:00 UTC


Server Details:


Port: 2602


Brief Summary:

Every Sunday, we will be hosting custom Zeus missions on EU2, where Spartans and Moderators create Zeus missions like they do on EU1, except on a much bigger scale. These missions will be more likely to be teamworked base - and a bit more organised than standard play on EU1. While there is no entry requirement, we ask you to be able to work effectively as a part of a team, and that you are responding to Admins, Spartans and other players when needed.


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 60



Zeus Operations.jpg


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5 minutes ago, Nathanator said:

So are these going to be every Sunday or only when missions are sent in?


Every Sunday Hopefully! These are live missions created before we open it up to the masses!


5 minutes ago, Sack said:

What is BST compared to GMT?


BST is one hour ahead of GMT

Changed the time to UTC to make lives easier

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I definitely want to participate yeah will be exciting😉 see you there


can yours give the EU2 server number also then?

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