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In-game name when banned: reci

What message displays when you attempt to connect? (BattleEyeL Admin Ban (reci/scripting/perm/Midnight))

Why do you think you were banned? i played as a medic and i was equipping myself at the base with a medic outfit. somehow i was kicked after 5 minutes with a weird message that i couldn't understand correctly, it said about vehicle count or something, and when i tried to reconnect, i had to wait 200 seconds (that happend 2x).
i seriously have no idea why i'm banned, it was not intention to do something against the server-rules if i did so unknowingly.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? in my opinion i should be unbanned, because i played as normal as i could. i actually killed some teammates but not intentionally.
i don't know what you want to hear from me exactly, but i'm really sorry. i had alot of fun on this server and i really want to continue this experience.

Which administrator banned you (if known): 

When were you banned: 25.06.2019

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