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[Apr 15, 2012] Dragon Soul 10-man (World of Warcraft)


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We'll be doing a Dragon Soul 10-man run at 6PM today, looking to get as many people involved from Ahoy World as we can. I'm making an event on here and on World of Warcraft. Pleae take the time to RSVP to both if you can, though this event will serve mainly to remind everyone.

For those wanting to come, please be on TeamSpeak (even if you don't have a mic!) at 6:00PM GMT time. Here's a list of those I believe will be interested.





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While I'm at the Library, Saturdays are the best nights for me as I can stay up til the wee hours of the morning. We also need to start raiding with the guys who are joining with us. I mean Illuminati is a good tank, so surely the rest of the people who are coming over will be useful. Good Healing, good DPS. Heck. We'll hopefully be able to do a non-PUG run soon.

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We'll hopefully be able to do a non-PUG run soon.

That's the target. The merger should provide us with a good few dedicated members that should hopefully act as a catalyst for the raiding in Ahoy World. Unfortunately I don't think they've returned yet so I can't talk to them to confirm the merge. Hammerforge might be able to give me more info on that, but we'll start getting all of them involved in raids as soon as possible.

Saturday I suppose is alright for me - it just runs the risk of me doing something IRL if it's a Saturday!

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