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[Suggestion] Helicopters!

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Yes, some of you may know me from either the EU server, or via this forum, where I have posted a few times on other suggestions.


I'd like to collect an idea or two from the plethora that float around my head, and put it down here.

(Please note I have no idea of the capabilities of the editor and stuff at the moment, so please forgive me if I suggest something ridiculous)




On Stratis, the MH-9s (And the KA-60 when we get it) are our lifeblood, without them we would be stranded at base laying around whilst the AO is left untouched, with some smart people taking the hunters and quads for transport.

So make it so.

Make the chopper respawn longer than almost instantaneous, it makes the pilots be more cautious and pick safer, more appropriate LZs, and for the pilots to have to coordinate not only with each other but with other ground forces in choosing and scanning LZs for enemies.

But also, to negate the long respawns, introduce a side mission like the 'Destroy enemy chopper' one, except it's capture the enemy chopper, and ta-daa, we get a free chopper. Provided whilst taking the AO you don't shoot it to pieces. 

Or, you could replace the 'destroy enemy chopper' side mission completely with the one I've described, and make it harder, so it's more of a high-risk, high-reward side mission, as you get a precious helicopter as a result.


Another thing, it'd be cool if there was a priority mission that the enemy lands directly on the airbase, on the southern tip say, and so the pilots cannot take off or even access their helicopters, and can't even land at base due to the weight of fire that's coming in from the invading forces. The team would have to coordinate their ground forces well to repel the attack. Of course, with the respawn so close, it'd certainly be easy enough to clear out the base so the helis can resume their duties.

Or! There could be a mortar team close to the base which takes out any parked choppers/targets the chopper spawn, whilst the invasion of the base is being carried out, making it a real interesting firefight.


Another side mission idea!

This could happen if a pilot dies and is about to respawn, but you could have a sort of 'Black Hawk Down' priority mission, or 'Littlebird Down' rather, where a pilot spawns somewhere on Stratis, with a burning wreck near him, and is surrounded by enemies closing in on him, and its of the utmost important to get a QRF out there ASAP to rescue him. Of course, to prevent the pilot from immediately respawning when he dies and thus ending the priority mission, you could prevent the pilot from respawning, just leave him critically injured? I don't know how it'd work, but it'd definitely show just how precious pilots are, and also lets the pilots work on their marksmanship! Haha.


That's it for now, I'll probably end up spewing another one of these suggestion thingies soonish.


Cain out!


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Hey Cain, i like you ideas especially regarding some sort of black hawk down style side mission.


However, we have tried a lengthy respawn timer on helicopters before and i had to fight hard to get it lifted. a couple of reasons why:


firstly a pilot is a pilot, with nothing to fly he has no purpose in the server, so this pilot may get bored and wander into the field of battle, or just generally mess around at base. this links to my second point and ill give you a scenario:


By your own honest mistake you flip the helicopter over upon gracing the dirt with your landing... fair enough you have to wait 10 minutes to get your chopper back, but wait... now your eager to get going you hook your tail on the hanger or even hit an obstacle hurrying to get back to your job, that's 20 minutes now... this time you approach more cautiously learning from your previous error only to be hit by a car at spawn. in total now you've racked up around 35 minutes without doing anything.


that might seem far fetched but i can tell you from personal experience... true story.


While i agree helicopters are the lifeblood and are vital to mission importance, the fact remains that not all pilots we get are that good and some crash fairly often. thus slaughtering the entire server's fun because 2 chopper loads of troops are sitting at base.


It's a great concept and something the TRU (Tactical Realism Unit) should look at in mission design, just not all to playable in the casual aspect, coin for you though :)

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I guess it would be sorta detrimental for the choppers to have a long respawn, I do see your point. I've crashed a couple of times from either my own idiocy or just randomness (I swear to god I never hit that tree), and I've wanted to get back flying ASAP to prove I'm not incompetent xD


I still do like the idea of the black hawk down mission, d'you think it could be something pursued further? :D

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