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Oh noms, you're so funny.


But seriously. Take my money.

This is freakin' awesome. Might I suggest someone putting it on an announcement or something so people are more likely to see it on the website? :D

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Posting a link to it and giving it a shining review in another forum I'm a part of. Hopefully it'll get you some backers. I know I'll be chucking my money at this when I get back  from my holiday. Hope you meet your goal, and more, noms.

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Hey guys, another shameless self-promoting update from noms.


For those of who you I haven't already shouted at about this, but as of last week, Centration is officially going to be on Steam. We've been greenlit through the Greenlight process and we've signed our distribution agreement with Valve. This means Centration will be sold and played through Steam, which is a huge step for us. 


We'll also be at GAMESCOM 2013, for anyone here who's also going and who wants to might up and have a drink or something.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. <3

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