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I can't remember who told me to put up a thread about Centration, but one of you crazy people did, so I figured I'll put one up and see what you guys think.





For the past year and a half, I've been working with a full team to create a game called Centration. It's a survival-horror-sandbox game played online in rounds that could last from 5 minutes to 5 hours. 


The overall purpose of the game is to survive and work together as a team. The two are related - You often cannot survive without working in a team, but working in a team does not necessarily mean you'll survive. You work together, you keep the space station operational, you role-play and you have fun.




The current feature-set we plan on having for release:

  • Fully Dynamic Airflow (I've already demonstrated this to some of you lovely people)
  • Realistic Physics and Interactions
  • Fully Interactive Environments
  • Realistic Heath - Bandages, Surgery, etc.
  • Realistic, brutal, visceral combat - Everything is a weapon!
  • Sandbox Gameplay - The gameplay flows from you, your actions dictate the direction of the game
  • Electronics - Everything needs to be powered, and amusingly, you can mess with the power too.
  • SCIENCE!! No, seriously. Chemistry, Biomedical Research, and poking animals with a stick to mention a few fun things
  • Script-driven machinery/electronics - Everything needs instructions to work in real life? Why should Centration be any different. Mess with the airlocks, close in front of people, make lights flash, display naughty pictures on your workmates computer. The possibilities are endless.

Up until this summer we've been mainly focused on getting our core mechanics and framework set up, and now we can finally say we've made some great progress into that; but unfortunately our focus on the code as opposed to art means we don't have much in-game gameplay footage to show off. 


So instead, take a look at concept art!



ElzSt2ab.png eGnv5M8b.jpg


YJu4ZJvb.jpg oy6InEhb.jpg


kHwos9ib.jpg C2mD7YOb.jpg


0c8UAAOb.jpg MBmARafb.jpg


We'll shortly be launching our kickstarter in July to try and raise £50,000 for our total budget. It's a high goal but we've got the team to pull it off, and the alpha gameplay footage will be ready by then too! 


So anyway, the main reason I'm posting this here is because I want you lovely folks at AhoyWorld to be among the first to jump in and test our Alpha builds - mostly stress testing and other such things. You guys have been a great community and welcomed me without hesitation from the start; and I love you guys.


The first test will actually be getting all of you guys on a server and running around doing things while we record the first gameplay footage videos. We want it to be authentic. ;-)


Let me know if you're interested, any questions you have about the game, or anything else, and I'll be updating closer to July when we'll be after people to help us out. 


Oh, and if you want to find out anything else about the game but don't want to ask me here or on Teamspeak for whatever reason, feel free to visit our website and forums at :





Thanks for reading guys <3


- noms

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Love the concept of the game from the first minute you mentioned it, so yes if i can help you test ... more then happy !


edit: ooow, and keep the goodies coming, loved the airflow simulation on YT, would be cool to see some more mechanics explained, no matter how minor :)

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If your looking for testers.

I would be more than happy to help. Let me know when the kickstater comes around I like to "Support the Arts".

The game sounds like its going to be great fun and just the environment/ world its in sounds interesting and something I would be seriously into!

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Shameful bump but useful update!

This weekend we'll be releasing a gameplay teaser video that will briefly demonstrate a few cool gameplay mechanics / features.

Afterwards we'll be doing a live twitch.TV developer Q&A session with a few members of the team. You're all free to join in and ask any questions you might have about the project.

This all will happen Saturday evening at 9pm BST till about 11pm

Feel free to join the event via facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/centration

Our twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/centration

We'll post the video here also when it's uploaded to YouTube.

Thanks guys. <3

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Our gameplay teaser on our tech demo is now uploaded to youtube!


Hope you guys like it!


Looking really good man! It looks like a lot of progress has been made since the last videos I saw on steam.


I wanted to ask you, have you worked on any other games previous to this that we can check out?

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Looking really good man! It looks like a lot of progress has been made since the last videos I saw on steam.


I wanted to ask you, have you worked on any other games previous to this that we can check out?


Space Station 13

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No way, I freaking love that.

I was wondering why this game seemed familiar, it's sort of like SS13 except it's not 2d pixels xD


I used to work with Exadv1 back before we released it open-source. They're making a 2D remake of it separately, which looks fairly crap. I broke off to bigger and better things. ;-)

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Another shameless update! 


We're doing another stream this weekend at 20:00 UTC, with a few updates regarding our in-game scripting system, UTIL, a bit of discussion on our multiplayer features and we'll also be discussing the potential for PS4! (The self-publishing part of their intro was very interesting ;p) 


If you'd like to come watch, we invite you to http://www.twitch.tv/centration this Saturday at 20:00 UTC (That's 21:00 BST).


Muchos <3


(PS. New banner on main post too. Whoo!)

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This game looks really promising, and I would be glad to help test it when you need testers. I do have a question though. As it is Survival Horror, is there going to be some type of evil entity that is going against the players? Like some type of extraterrestrial or something of the sort?  

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The evil entity is the space station itself as far as I know. Failing systems and lack of vital resources like food, water, air and power (light/temperature/etc) are the the things you'll need to fight for to survive. Noms have said no aliens.

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I don't think I know of a sandbox game like this.

There will be a huge world just outside the windows but it will be unreachable!  Most Sandboxes thrive on huge open areas to explore this game however will have you confined into a floating metal box essentially, I am terrified because well if one of your crew mates goes crazy, (maybe one with a Spiked halberd) you only have an finite number of places to hide and literally no where you can run to.


If the person managing the computers decides hes had enough with humanity and opens all the air locks... surely doom will follow all on board.  Truly we will need a crack team, the A... W team!

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If this is sort of like SS13, it'll mean there'll be 'traitors', and ALIENS OOOOOOOOO. Though from SS13 experience, it's mostly traitors who end up fucking everything up.


And if this is sort of like SS13, I shall enjoy making a super death virus as the virologist. c:<

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