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Screenies and Videos Thread


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Kamaradski told me about a game called Spin Tires, it's awesome! I got stuck in the mud lots :P Here are some screen shots and a video (excuse the music in the video it's just what I was listening to while playing and fraps happened to record it as part of the audio.)






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Here's a few of my DCS screenies:


Why aircraft should vacate the runway before another is allowed to land (feat Phill)




Danny spying on my while I taxi. Phill should note that he hasn't landed on top of me and killed us in a horrific fireball.




Noms living up to his name and chewing on my wing...




...he must have pretty strong teeth to hold on like that.



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The ifamous World Of Tanks, that i play every once in a while to relax and take some names.




Could look atleast 3x cooler, but my rig is a bit old and rusty so i run on ultra low settings atm so i can atleast kill stuff.

Its a cool mini tank destroyer that drives like a scout tank, i enjoy driving this tank a lot as it makes a good runner and thus perfect to support rapidly. M18 Hellcat love it almost as much as the tribute that will follow below ><




The next picture is not a screenshot sadly enough i lost all the epic Eve-Online and other MMORPG shots in a computer crash not to long ago, so this is a tribute to that lose and a tribtue to how i remember to game right before i left it due to RL related issue. This is with out a doubt the best game in its genre that i have ever played and possibly the best game ill ever play in that genre cause it to addictive for me.




Surfboard I, was the name i gave it, flown with pride by its pilot Flapie 2 proud member of the Gallente Race. Now savely stached away somewhere in space untill i find the courage to re-join and kill for the sake of the plundering fools that i encounterd on my way to a hideout. Only then the Gallente can raise there heads once again with pride, as i shall retake old solar systems and claim new once in there name. By pirate law we fly, and by pirate law we drink ...... drink up me matey yohoo ....

If only i dint remove the backups from imageshack before they upgraded free accounts, would have helped tons in this topic :(


(little teaser of one of the battle i could take part in before leaving, one of the most epic battle ever fought in the game up to today from as far as i know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9REDXTdOK8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9REDXTdOK8'> Video )

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