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Cuban Cartel


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In-game name when banned: Cuban Cartel

What message displays when you attempt to connect? (Mass TK/Chuck/Cuban Cartel)

Why do you think you were banned? On the 18th of August i was banned for "destroying assets and killing alot of players" an then i left without saying sorry, i apologise for this. I also called an admin in someone elses appeal a "future terrorist" which i also regret

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? My ban should be lifted because i was banned 18th of August 2018, and since then I've take Invade and Annex servers more seriously and don't TK and if i do i apologise, I called an admin a future terrorist in someones post because i was annoyed at the ban and now i regret this because that is a serious claim to make, i apologise to the admin that i said that too and also apologise for mass TKing without apologising

Which administrator banned you (if known): Chuck

When were you banned: 18th August 2018

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Hello Cuban Cartel, thank you for the appeal.

The last few days I was thinking about your appeal.
One of the main reasons for me is to be considered a un-ban: would I like to play with this person, would it be a pleasant and safe experience to me and others.
After your actions all the things you wrote on the forum/in a PM to me, I can only come to the conclusion that I would not like to game with you.

Ban appeal is unsuccessful.

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