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Phill - The Nooby =D


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Guess I ought to make one of these since I haven't yet >_<

As you would have guessed, the name is Phill. I'm 18 years old, used to do a lot of gaming, then college got in the way *raises fist in anger* Been trying to find a "productive" hobby I guess (and failed) so thought I would go back to my gaming ways (which I'm actually looking forward to!) so my friend signed me up here to keep in contact with him and as the main game I'm going to be playing is WoW and he plays too thought it would be good =3

So I am currently building a wannabe gaming computer for now for the summer :) IF (yes the big if) I ever get enough money, might turn it into a pro gaming computer =3

Anyway, I'm friendly (as the voices tell me....) can be odd and random at times. Easy going, can be simple minded at times, sometimes a lot XD I'm a follower, not a leader, so never expect me to try and take lead as I WILL fail >_<

I will be trying to come on this and TS3 more often :)

Hope I don't annoy too many people and looking forward to gaming with everyone :)

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Will have to try and contact a GM about it as my recovery question doesn't work and when it asks me to put in the key codes from the WoW games, that still doesn't work ¬_¬ So if that doesn't work will be buying it all over again, but that's only around £38 so it won't take me long to get =3 anyway fingers crossed and can't wait to have a good time with you lot ^_^

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