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[SUGGESTION] Chopper menu

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Just an idea i had, how about a chopper menu just for pilots so they can pick which chopper they want to fly. instead of having 6 choppers or something on the map, just a  small virtual menu for a pilot to pick a chopper, something like the change gear loadout menu but simpler. not sure how it would be server side cinsidering lag etc. spawning in a chopper at the click of a button. but just something i thought of while flying around yesterday. for me personally i enjoy flying but hate flying the little birds where as some others enjoy flying the little birds.

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Sorry lad, I think this cannot happen. Since the helicopters in the game which are from stock are reserved for extraction of the BLUFOR players. This would totally ruin the game mechanics hence littlebirds are more vulnerable and have less seats [CITATION NEEDED]. That's why they are still in side-mission rewards.

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