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Mission maker has a few questions

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Currently working on a series of missions for AhoyWorld, they are currently vanilla. I did hear about enhanced a couple of times about extra stuff and assets but also about the haemorrhaging player base, so before I made any decisions I wanted to go and ask a few questions before I would make any sort of commitment.

- When running a mission with enhanced, how many people would join such a mission? My missions do rely a bit on numbers to balance themselves out
- Is it possible to set up fortifications in the field? Not just small things like mines but full on walls?
- Regarding maps, which maps are the most popular and why? Base game maps or some of the more exotic maps?
- I did hear some stuff about the AWE modest being updated, how long will that take?


please do let me know, as I would like to know where I am at.

Thank you all beforehand!

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Currently AWE isn't active, so you'll need to wait untill the reboot for any detailed information.

How many players? I'm hoping many, but that will be seen once the server is back.

Set up fortifications in the field - Yes, that is possible

Maps - The exact maps are yet to be decided, but we're steering clear of any that require CUP

When - AWE is coming back after I&A4 comes out of beta. I do not know the exact date.

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