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I&A 4 - enemy infantry setting


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been playng a lot over weekend and have some suggestion on enemy infantry:


1) Intelligence
Seems to have improved significantly. They converge, flank, rush, seek cover..
100% good improvements.


2) Accuracy
Ye, they sometimes feel too aimbot. Especially after you shoot some running AI 3 times, he then turns and proceeds to 1-shot you.
On the other hand, players will snipe from far, so its somewhat needed.

I'm uncertain whether Accuracy needs tweaking, with ONE exception:
Is it possible to give AI different level of accuracy during night hours?
At night, the aimbot thing goes definitely overboard, due to players not being able to engage from distance and AI rushing you undercover.


3) Resilience/Hitpoints
This I would tone down. Historicaly, when AI were very dumb, inhuman resilience was (somewhat) offsetting that.
I feel this is no longer needed in such a degree, as I mentioned on the accuracy point, being able to lead target, shooting them running or being able to sneak on them should let you drop the enemy.

Not watch how they "jerk" from being shot 3-4 times, and then shoot you in the face.
The same when you sneak on them - being shot in the back from 5 meters realy should not let you turn and kill your attacker, but current resilience does just that.

It leads to players intentionally cheating on house-clearing - looking for dead angle where part of AI is visible but cant shoot back, just pumping bullets into their arms or whatnot until they drop.
Effective, but not fun. But with those rambos, you just dont want to risk direct confrontation.


To sum up:
Intelligence - great, keep up or make even better
Accuracy - maybe consider toning down in nigh-hours if technically possible?
Resilience - no longer needed this strong, cut about 20% for starters and see where it takes us ?


Thanks all devs for the great work!

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Thanks kman


There's a limited amount I can do on the points you've raised as it's hard - coded into arma. The ai spotting is already impacted by night cycles - and they are equipped with nvgs, so I'm loathe to impact them any further. As for damage, blame bi for making csat uniforms armored. This is no way different from performance you would see in i&a3 (I have not given them any extra stamina or armor). 

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I guess, it boils down to not noticing the aimbotnes in I&A3 because you are perfectly fine taking pot shots from far away. I&A4 on the other hand they will come for you and thus inherently be more lethal.

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19 hours ago, Ryko said:

 As for damage, blame bi for making csat uniforms armored. This is no way different from performance you would see in i&a3 (I have not given them any extra stamina or armor). 

I'm curiuos here - is there no way to "set" either hitpointa or % armorlevel of the units?


Stanhope mentioned something about the tank in sidemission with Experimental Tank being given special level of damage reduction - althou perhaps that is custom coded just for that specificic unit.

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Yes, you can add an eventHandler that fires when a unit is hit, but you open up a Pandora's box regarding how you're going to handle damage.


Arma has some rules regarding what happens when a bullet hits an armored target. They are not complex (which is why you had people creating mods which simulated armor plates and the like) but I'm sure this was done so as not to overly impact performance.  Essentially it's a random number generated every time the target is struck, which is compared against the armor value of the target impact.  Arms and legs are also not considered instantly debilitating, so between the two of these effects it explains why you can strike a target multiple times and they will rag doll a bit, but not get killed.


If I were to go down this dark path, I'd have to create subroutines that track the caliber of the bullet doing the hitting, the velocity of the bullet, even the angle of impact, in order to "accurately" determine whether a target should realistically be incapacitated.  Which is exactly what Bohemia wanted to avoid in the first place, as it would assuredly add a performance hit, especially when calculated on every hit

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misunderstanding here, I'm not talking about damage model on bodyparts


I'm talkig about simple alive > dead, I just had to shot AI 4 times in the neck from about 50m in order to kill it

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