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BUG REPORT - Constant 'Removed From Role' Message


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Hi All- I'm sure that I am not the first to notice this issue.

Last night was my first time back on ARMA and indeed I&A in quite some time so it was great to see that we're not on a beta build of I&A4- oh how far it's come. I had no issues last night but this afternoon I've come on to be greeted by a constant message of 'Removed from role- reason: Idle'

Thing is:
1. I'm not being removed from my role
2. I'm not idle.

I've linked a video of what this looks like on my end. Lindi has experienced the same issue as have several people who's names escape me but are reporting it on side chat. It's fine for a bit but eventually the noise gets insufferable- like Chinese water torture, whilst trying to shoot people. 

Hope this can be fixed soon!


Bug Video

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