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Just a line or two to say hello and introduce myself. I am, at present a member of the AdultGamersElite Clan who (contrary to some there) was founded on Ground Combat. I.e. JO (Joint Operations) . I've played ArmA since I bought 2 and couldn't run faster than 25 FPS, Ouch! Several new computers later and I really do enjoy Combat Sims.


I have played several games over my past gaming history but at this time I enjoy Flight Sims and Ground Combat Sims. IL2, Cliffs of Dover, Rise of Flight, ArmA 2 & 3 are my sims of choice at this time.


As for myself, I am 65 years old and have been playing games since Atari 2600's. I am Retired (20 years) USAF Military Police and I saw duty in Viet Nam and a few other hot spots around the world. No hero, but I did my time and am not an "X" Military. I am a Lifetime Military Member.


I spent 8 years in England and loved every minute of it. B.C. (Before Computers) in England I learned Military modeling from the adults and Wargaming from  the younger. Miniature Armour and Squad Leader (board game).


In closing this long dribble (on my part) I've played AHOY Domination server and really enjoyed playing teams when I could find one. And I try my darndist to follow all rules. 


Oh and I live in the North Georgia mountains of East Coast America.

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