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Hey there.

I'm Dominik, a 34 years old graphics designer from germany.


I've been a fan of the ArmA series ever since I first got my hands on the demo version of operation flashpoint, back in the days.

Since then I've had one simple rule: "ArmA never gets deinstalled, only replaced with a newer version". I do occasionally take short breaks from the game to focus on other things but eventually I'm always coming back to it. I also frequent the BIS and Armaholic forums from time to time (mainly the scripting and mission making sections), so maybe some of you have seen me there.


Anyway, here I am after one of those breaks. I've been playing on ahoyworld several times before and was happy to see that your servers are still a popular and civilized place to enjoy the game on, so I decided it was time to finally make an account here.

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Hi and welcome to AhoyWorld, please make yourself at home!

Currently were running I&A3 and I&A4 beta on the public servers, if your more into the modded team play sort of thing the you should check out the MSO! There's lots of info on the forums and also check out our Discord and TS! :)

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