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I&A 4 Anti Air Gunner Role

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So I've been thinking about the the Anti Air gunner role in I&A 4. I enjoy the role and have tried to get a loadout that works for me. The issue I keep coming up against is that I cannot carry enough to be both useful in combat and as an AA gunner. If you carry 3/4 missiles then you can only take a pistol or PDW with a light rig which makes you ineffective in combat. To be effective in combat you can only take 2/3 missiles which means you can only take out 1 maybe 2 aircraft and are quickly rendered ineffective at AA. 


The I&A 3 way around this is to pack a hunter and sit on a hill, but that goes against the feel of I&A 4, and without dual wielding an AT launcher would be quite boring. 


I did play a game with someone who carried an extra missile for me but that isn't a guaranteed option. 


My best of both worlds load out has a Spar16 with 300 rounds and 3 missiles, this gives the ability to take down maybe 2 aircraft depending on if they flare and enough rounds to last an AO after which you could hopefully be resupplied. Pilots should be willing seeing that you are keeping them safe from enemy aircraft.



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I'd say the only real solution, you've hit on - you need to either find comrades who will cart missiles for you, or bring a vehicle.  For whatever reason I don't see players using vehicles effectively, they'll spend 10 minutes loading up an armed Hunter and then ditch it to go on foot at the first opportunity.

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The ability to create a custom squad with roles (rather than trying to get people to join into the correct roles, and then form a custom squad) should hopefully make this simpler to achieve. In IA3 on a busy night it's easy to end up in a role with a limited loadout, but the custom squads mechanic lets you create more slots for preferred roles.


I'm happy to work on an AA Assistant type loadout and occupy that sort of role when it's needed. You favour the Spar because it lets you carry almost-lightweight 150rd box mags if I remember right?

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The way custom squads are currently set up, you have to take a squad leader, you can take as many default riflemen as you want, but you can only take one each of any other specialized role (Rifleman AT, Rifleman AA, Medic, etc). You can't make a squad full of Riflemen AT.


The 150 round magazines aren't supposed to work with anything but the SAW version of the SPAR, if you're using them on regular assault rifles you're essentially exploiting an error (which I can't seem to reproduce).  IIRC they actually do weigh 5x more than the regular magazine.

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AK12 + 5 mags + 2 Smokes + 2 RGOs + Titan AA launcher  (1 round preloaded) + 2 spare missiles

If you drop the vest you can carry 3 spare missiles,too

Then again it isnt your job as AA spec to support in regular infantry engagements as in CQC getting a angle on a enemy air vehicle is quite limited.

Also,use any chance to rearm on killed enemy AA units or vehicles you come along to be sufficient in longer timed engagements.


Its also a pain that you cannot pick up enemy AA launcher tubes as they are treated "non accessable" (due to their camo sometimes too,depending on what faction you started with)

I´m also not in line with AT =/= AA and vice versa.

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