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Poked my head into I&A EU1 today (as "William" - I may need to find a more distinctive name!). Never played Arma 3 MP (other than Apex with 1 other person) so wasn't really set up to communicate particularly well, so I ducked out before I could make a mess of things! But in that short time I was pretty impressed with the setup, and then the gameplay rules (on this site) made sense to me as well, so I registered an account!


Hope to be back on in some sort of useful capacity soon. Best if you leave me a total grunt slot for now, I'm still learning the ropes!

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I joined the Discord and I'm working on getting my TS up to date, as I assume the latter is pretty vital for knowing what is happening in-game. I'll update my nick in game to match this so you can all ID when I'm running around and pre-emptively call a medic ?

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Hi and welcome to the community.


EU1 infact is pretty relaxed regarding rules and comms, that being said it is very positive you observe them from the very start. Don't hesitate to jump on, squad up and even ask the simple questions! There are a lot of skilled and helpfull guys around, they can surely give you the low down on how to play the game!

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