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Arsenal not working after some time.


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Im currently working on the latest version of I&A (taken from the official server, not the enhanced one), translation for BR-PT (portuguese), and add one mod to use Brazilian troops, the loadout and etc with the MOD works just fine, so as the Arsenal. But i have some doubts there is anything special that i have to put in the server.cfg file?

Im also using ACE, CBA_A3, and CUP Weapons.

With using those mods, any other thing has to be made on the code? I have some experience with coding, since im a Web Dev my self.

The arsenal after sometimes just stop working, and vanishs from the options on the quartermaster. Works fine on the root editor of Arma, but in the server dont.

Im the server log, some errors occur, in the code im just touching on strings for the translation, and in the arsenal logic, so the loadouts and arsenal work as i inteend.

Thanks for any support. Excelent mission.

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Yeah, but there isnt any error relate to the Arsenal. I think is a very specific thing. Because i test the server and in the first hour at least everything works just fine. I then i left the server open, so the code can iterate and see if any error appears, well the arsenal stop working and the mission stop spawning. There is a need to restart the server from time to time?

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Im restarting the server right know and i will post the errors. BRB.

And i touch some code about the arsenal, but not anything about the AO's, and missions and stuff, well just the strings, and hints and etc, but not the logic of the code itself, at least not that i know.
The strings on the code are being used to call anything? Because i change some of the mission names because of the translation.

Maybe if it is, this is the problem that i create. haha

Just one morething, on the command line that i call to start the server, the mods have to be call in the order of the need of them, or whatever order its fine?

Example: CBA_A3, its required for ACE.

If i call like, @ace;@cba;

Its that a problem?

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In initplayerlocal, the last thing in there a inGameUISetEventHandler uses the name of the addaction to call in some functions.  Now I see that ansin changed that to localize the string but I don't know if that works for all languages.  I know there are entries mission in the stringtables of several languages.

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Stan, instead of open another topic, can i ask how to add the UID's for Zeus via the readme.txt file?

I did like this

zeusAdminUIDs = ["xxxxx","xxxxxxx","xxxxxxx","xxxxxxxx"];
zeusModeratorUIDs = [];
zeusSpartanUIDs = [];

But isnt working, its the right way? The file is in it the root folder of the server? Goes into the PBO file?

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