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Hello Ahoy This is Mcmilan


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First of all Hello everyone..[English is not my main language i am sorry if i have mistakes.]


My name is Batuhan  I am 24 years young.

I am from Cyprus but since 2014 i start to live on England.

My game nick :Pfc.Mcmilan


i been playing arma 3 short time i have approx 987 hours but so far my 800 hour is full was with ahoyworld eu1 server.


Mostly time i am on eu1 server but my play times are kind strange times because of my work[Security] i usually play on night 4 to morning 8 mostly time but in my free days i think i spent all my day.


i really like to play as a team with nice communication its really helpful for improve my english and also make new friends from all over world. i  can lead a team nicely if team really listen what i say :)


My main roles are....


1.Recon AT [Mostly time]

2.Armor team[with patrik and Murphy mostly time]

3.Pilot[If Needed]



Edit: i think i am kind late to join the forum after 1 year play but when i start to play on ahoy i wasn't even able to say hi and i was kind shy, at least i am here.


King Regards Mcmilan....


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