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Donation incentive



Not sure on the plausibility of this but it certainly would be a good incentive for donations? 


Infinite Stamina. So you can run and run forever. I understand there’s a realism aspect to this game but I’m not sure what the rest of you think of it. This would be for the EU1 & 2 I&A servers as you want AWE as real as possible.  


Donate £5.00 that month and your soldier is able to get infinite stamina. As bad as it sounds some people will be more inclined to donate if they are getting something in return.

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9 minutes ago, GhostDragon said:

Due to EULA and the way it is enforced we can not give ANY incentives within the server to donators. 

Well that’s that then hahaha, I knew you could get authorisation for monetising but it can’t effect gameplay. 



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