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Community Update #4

Mark T

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Hi Chaps,


Just a brief one this month, First off we would like to thank you all for your donations, the support we've received has been quite astonishing. ❤️


A couple of things have been added to our site, one is the merch tab that you will find on top of the forums:



This will direct you to our AW store page where you can purchase all types of clothing, unfortunately there are no mugs :(

If you hover over the About tab there is a page with availabilities, those can be requested rather than me set the whole shop up which would take months.

It's still very early stages but more items will be added eventually.




We now have a dedicated Invade and Annex page added to the website:




There you will find the details of what I&A is about and what has changed in 4.

During the last beta test we found some unforeseen issues and bugs so we decided to stop the count down timer, once these have been smashed we will notify you when the count down begins :)


That is all for now, lets prepare for a busy period of festive cheers and beers and remember, don't forget to vote soon for the AhoyWorld end of year 2018 awards.


If anyone has any concerns, issues or see anything they shouldn't please don't hesitate to contact a member of Core Staff or myself.





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5 hours ago, Mark T said:

don't forget to vote soon for the AhoyWorld end of year 2018 awards


so looking forward to this ...

I definatly stepped up my game in "most helpfull user" and "best ban" (as usual) also i wish we add "AW role model" to the votes ...

Yea,i m definatly gonna score minimum 2 1 award dis year  !


And if i m not ... i swear i quit my (high payed,important) job,leave my 2 girlfriends and push up your my limits another 200% by living on EU1# in order to succeed 2019 so you better vote Scar2018# or ...






Kinda offtopic,but as for the news - well played chaps,well played

Now go vote !

*points gun at any reading user*


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