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Introduction Neuralbow


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first off all i'm not good at this but lets get started!

Hello i'm Thomas (in-game Neuralbow)  i'm 24 years young and most people would consider me an Arma 3 addict 

i'm from the Netherlands (Province Drenthe) 

i've been playing arma for a  Looooong time   ( i only play co-op Invade and annex) i have aprox 1600 hours in Arma 3 some people will probably think "Thomas maybe its time for you to Find a LIFE" and other probably think "ahh hes a casual" ive also played Arma 2 but to be honest i don't even want to know how many hours i have played in Arma 2


 i'm also Admin of an server called Gamerscentral.de ( unfortunately that server kinda died down due to the owner ( Madmax) not having enough spare time to maintain it


you can find me most likely on the EU 1 server and if i'm not playing Arma well then i'm probably in bed sleeping (or im sleeping in my chair infront of the PC that will happen sometimes too xD ) 

i love to play as a Team with people that actually communicate to bring the mission to a success no matter what to objective is at that given moment
so if you see me in the EU server and want to play as a team shoot me a message and ill be at your six in no time
my Moto is Leave no man (or woman) behind if we go out as a team we will finish as a team no matter the consequences
Arma in my opinion is all about Teamwork "Teamwork makes the dream work!" ( especially with Invade and Annex)

My main roles are 

1) Transport pilot or CAS ( pawnee,hellcat,a-10,black wasp)
2) Marksman

3) Medic
4) Team leader ( note my skills are not that great as a Team leader Yet i always get kinda overwhelmed if for example my team gets attacked from multiple directions and casualties start falling but that is just a case of being inexperienced as a Team leader and keeping your head cool under these kinds of circumstances  will come with experience (work in progress ) 

if you have any other questions about me my life( that i don't have) or anythings else for that matter just ask them ima very easy person to talk to

Kind regards Thomas (in-game Neuralbow) See you all in game!

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