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In that case, that's what I was thinking too, because it would be nice to have some way to access it when it bugs out. I couldn't do it. I read through BIS_fnc_iDontRememberTheName source code but I could not replicate how BI brings up the squad menu dialog. I also tried to reset the squad menu manually (to fix it when it bugs out) by removing and readding it but that didn't work either.

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7 hours ago, Mad Eye Moody said:

Any news on the launch of 4?

We're still in beta testing - on Friday, we did the first beta test on EU1, with around 40 players on server. It was not without its problems - instead of the custom difficulty we wanted to use, the server chose Veteran difficulty, so it messed with map markers and restricted it to first-person only. Vehicle respawning (still!) didn't work properly, and admins were being kicked often by battleye.


I'm narrowing down those issues, but essentially the mission is feature-complete so now the next round(s) of testing will be devoted to bug killing and optimization.

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