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Dreas is in.


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First of all, im not english and english is not my native language. So please look over it, if google translates only just nonsense.


My name is Andreas, I am still very, very young (50) and i have about 3 children.
Actually, I have 4 kids, but one is just a grandchild. That's nice, because I can give it to my big daughter for a clean up if it just smell like my toilet odor.

I also have a job, I'm a gas station attendant. Or something else nearby.
I also have hobbies, I like water ... no, not for washing. Which does not mean that I do not sometimes give myself to my daughter woman nurse for cleanup.

I also enjoy playing games, games of course. Mostly with my children. And grandchildren, as long as they do not smell.
Then my big kid has to clean it again.
I also play on the PC, but he always reacts differently than the woman. So ... uh ... uh ... well.

I've got a VW Bus, a house, a hairstyle, and I have a sad hair dryer that always reaches into the void. So much for the hairstyle.

I've been playing games for quite a while, all sorts of them. But had a break. I also realize that terrible, everyone always kicks me out of the pants.
But that does not itch me. Because I still have fun, I mean, who does not like bleeding. So virtual. You understand.

Before you get all unasked answers, I'll finish here. Nevertheless, you are welcome to ask questions.


Oh ... here's another p.s. thing:

I just have a PC that's almost as old as mine, in a figurative sense .... no matter, you know.
Since this changes in the very near future and the complete arma community then runs for everyone and everytime on my new computer, I want to check here already, what I have to know about arma as the new Imperator.

So I start by browsing the forum. Until 50 months

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On 11/2/2018 at 11:17 AM, PiranhA said:

Would like to nominate Dreas's introductionpost (this one) as introduction of the year.


Hello Dreas, and welcome here. 

Nice to read :)



Thank you all for the nice welcome!

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