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This one is a lot more chaotic than the Blackfish guide, but I decided to keep it that way as it impresses the need to multitask on UAV, rather than editing it up into self contained chunks. This is purely a functional guide, so it does not describe the expected communication between players, I felt that is something best left to the individual, to learn with, and also does not describe the full extent of the UAV tricks. (such as abusing Darters and datalink to your squad) I was tempted to add them but I already knew this was gonna be a long vid as it was...


I know this is going to be out of date real quick with I&A4, but I also got the impression that this may give some of the guys who are less familiar with the UAVs an idea of how the role works, and the multitasking nature of it, which maybe helps with balancing/testing whatever comes out of the role in I&A4.



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