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Hey! Im new to this server, and interested in the Enhanced mods. I have some experience with ACRE, not TFAR, and have played Arma on European Tactical some years ago. Hope to have a fun experience here. The rest: 30, M, Dutch, live in the wonderfull city of Amersfoort, or Rock-city. 

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Saw you on the server the other day Ace, hope you had a pleasant first impressions.


Server has been quiet a lately and not quite booming like the old days but myself and a few others are determined to change that, apologies if there are any technical issues along the way!


I also once played in European Tactical Realism, I think you'll find our server to be similar, however will have a lot more flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to your loadout and such. By contrast, we still aim to capture the level of teamwork, communication and general realism you find on ETR though!


Enjoy your stay with us and let us know how we can improve! :D

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heyoo we live in exactly the same city lol

welcome to ahoy world :)


On 10/2/2018 at 10:05 PM, Stanhope said:

Do you happen to know this or this YT channel?  Both of them are in the area of Amersfoort if i'm not mistaken.

the first one sure is in Amersfoort have seen the guy drive arround a couple of times, not sure about the second one.

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