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I belive it was "Racket"


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In-game name when banned: I belive it was "Racket"

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Racket/Racism/Xwatt

Why do you think you were banned? Well, im not going to deny i said "nignog" while i was in a heli on the way to a mission. I did this spontaneous and didnt really think of the consequences. I havent really been playing arma 3 alot since then as i dont play on other servers, but i am very sorry if i offended anyone, that was not my meaning. I asked staff on the teamspeak and i was told i could apply to get the ban removed 6 months after.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I believe the ban should be lifted because it was a spontaneous thing i "just" said and i didnt mean to actually be racist or anything. I also really enjoy playing on this server and i always play by the rules. I admit it was offensive but im very sorry for the people who got targeted from me saying this.

Also, yes i know that this is a permanent ban but i am not a person that goes around and says racist remarks. This was a one and only occasion of me saying this.
ps. sorry for my grammar, english is not my first language.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Xwatt

When were you banned: I believe it was in february

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Hello Racket,


Thank you for the ban appeal.


You have been banned on the 5th of May 2018 from our servers for a Racist remark.


Racism is never tolerated in any way or form on our servers, forum or voice channels.  

It is simply unacceptable in a respectable community. 


To me a four-month ban is not long enough for racism. Usually a ban for racism results in a permanent ban. 

I advise you to wait at least until the 5th of November 2018 to appeal again.


Ban appeal is unsuccesfull.


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