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Community Update #2

Mark T

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Ahoy All,


It's that time again for a brief update on what's been happening inside and outside of AhoyWorld.

Not much has been going on behind the scenes with regards to administration, some have been busy with real lives while the rest (@Ryko) have been focusing on the development and testing of I&A4.

In this update I have decided to try something new, a letter from Core, rather than just hear me waffling away, you will also be hearing from the rest of the team.


I would like to start off by welcoming @BorderLive and @J0hnson to the AWE moderation team, both have vast knowledge and experience within the community and have ideas that will hopefully help revive AWE.

Discussions are well under way on what to do with Enhanced and what plans we may have for its future, all will be informed along with your valuable input before anything goes ahead.

We are looking for more active Enhanced moderators so if you feel you meet the requirements, apply here



Squad XML memberships have now been added to the Player Tools tab on top of the forums, this makes easier to navigate and submit your application.



If you are interested in joining, apply here; https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/17-squad-xml-application/



Last month we ran a competition for our Donors to give them the opportunity to display their very own image on our I&A4 billboards. (gutted mine didn't make the grade) so I would like to thank @Stanhope and @Michal who posted numerous pictures which are already live around the base.







Keep your eyes peeled, we will soon be hosting another competition for a chance to win the Official SCUM game.



Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has participated and contributed to the development and testing of I&A4 and look forward to seeing what the final version will offer.


--Mark T


Letter from Core:


Public Server
"We are warming up the engines for the release of I&A4 very soon!
You may have seen we are using the automatic messages more on EU1 and 2, this is so we can share short snippets of information quicker to a lot more people.

It's good to see EU2 being used as overflow more now as EU1 is full some evenings

We now have an EU1,2,7 chat open on discord for anyone to join! https://discordapp.com/invite/z5k8R3H"

Public Manager




AWE Server
With the addition to the two members of staff we are looking for ways to increase server popularity and searching for new ways to keep the player-base engaged and focused on the aim of AWE, fun engaging team orientated game-play! We hope to have more information on the changes to the server and welcome all feedback that you feel with aid the server moving forward. 

As the first part of this plan we have created the discord linked above to help people within the community discuss topics that interest them and find players to play on server with. 

Modded manager




The final round of Alpha testing For I&A4 will be held on Thursday 27th Sept @1900 GMT on EU7.

Development Manager




Current campaign is as Russian spetznaz with limited gear on Altis. We are destabilizing a insurgent force that has taken over most of Altis during our now 3 week long campaign. 

A suprise was that the NATO force I had guarding Kavala got completely overrun by insurgents during this timespan. 

It would be cool if more players would try out the MSO. Also, the move to steam workshop with the mods was a success which keeps my work to a minimum. 

MSO Manager




See you in the 'field.

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