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In-game name when banned: daniel

What message displays when you attempt to connect? you were kicked off the game. (battleye: admin ban (daniel(2)/perm/racism/mario))

Why do you think you were banned? because ahoyworld admins dont know the definitions of the things they ban people for and most of them should have never been made admins

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? well lets start with the reason for my banning and the OBJECTIVE reason why it was and still is stupid linked here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/10015-daniel/ .
now lets move on to why ya boi solex is wrong in the matter .
solex replies "Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the appeal.

In case it was not clear, we take offense to any form of racsim. The N word is very derogatory, using it will result in a instant permanent ban.

Insulting me, a admin or any other member of Ahoyworld is not acceptable behaviour either.

Your appeal was unsuccesful and will remain unsuccesful.

Spamming appeals will not change this."

-in case it was not clear, my actions were not racist in ANY OBJECTIVE WAY, keyword there is objective because it emphasizes how it is the TRUTH regardless of anyone's feelings.
-from the definition of the word derogative one could argue that it is the context and/or how the word is used that makes it derogative, or rather the conduct of the person when saying it and what they mean. this being said, the word nigga has become more than a slur to insult black people. in FACT it is rarely ever used as an insult nowadays. nowadays it just means friend as it was used both in the song i quoted and obviously my quote, and use of it in this manner should not result in an instant permanent ban.
-i did not insult you, an*(you misspelled) admin or any member of the community when i called you and those other two "ignorant fool/idiot". i was merely stating the OBJECTIVE FACT that you are indeed ignorant fools/idiots and if even that wasn't clear, i did explain why in my appeal linked above.
now, with all the reasons why you are spouting shit out of your ass listed i will take my leave but not before i conclude with:
my appeal should have been successfull, i should not have been banned in the first place
*and bold text does not make you right*
-yours truly
a faithful player in awe at the incompetence of the people supposed to act as "administrators"

Which administrator banned you (if known): 

When were you banned: around 18:00 on the 17th of september 2018

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Hello Salinora1


Anymore posting of ban appeals will result in a site ban.

The decision has been made by the community referee to keep the ban, you may appeal again in 6 months time.


You are welcome to add to any other discussions/threads going on in our forums in the meantime.




Public Manager

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