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In-game name when banned: daniel

What message displays when you attempt to connect? you were kicked off the game. (battleye: admin ban (daniel(2)/perm/racism/mario))

Why do you think you were banned? because i quoted a song that has the word "nigga" in it and the admin thought that was enough for a permaban

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? because it was not said in a hateful manner nor towards anybody in particular even. there was no malicious intent in the comment it was a literal quote from this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkuM1wSH5hI although to be fair i could've at least said wigga instead instead of nigga but the point is i was just trying to make a joke around a meme and i don't think that is enough for a ban. at least not a permanent one

Which administrator banned you (if known): 

When were you banned: like 20 mins ago or something around 18:00 on the 17th of september 2018

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Hello Daniel,


Thank you for the ban appeal.


You have been banned on the 18th of September 2018 from our servers for racism.


Racism is never tolerated in any way or form on our servers, forum or voice channels.  

It is simply unacceptable in a respectable community. 


Therefor I will not unban you at this time.


Ban appeal is unsuccesfull.

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