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  1. ok thanks Midnight but i have a another question is it posible to make a Insurgensy Tagistan server ? with the Charakter models Talibans ? that we have some alternation to play ? hope The AW cloud make a Insurgensy Tagistan (Taliban) server Thanks that you Read the Sentence and give ma a Answer _) Best greetings and Good Night Beste Grüße und Gute Nacht your Everett/Timo dein Everett/Timo
  2. Hallo Mod Team i found a another mod but i dont know if we can use it on the server from the publicly server, i dont want to spam or drop some Trash on here, i want only some well or arwesome mod that can or cloud usefull for the game experiance. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2129532219&searchtext=Project+SFX%3A+Remastered This is all Please Let me know in Teamspeak and Here in Forum What do you think over this and thanks for the message please send it on other Ahoy World Members and let the folks know thanks for Reeding and have a Well New Y
  3. Hello Admin Mod and Server Admin Team Me question is : 1) Is it possible that you can Put the RPG-7 in i&A or is it not Possible 2) i have a mod to the name is Head Range Plus - TrackIR Mod 3) hold me Beer 4) thank you :) 5) where was I ? 6) aah i get it yes the RPG-7 the RPG-7 is me favoret RPG and i like it to play whit it and i feal whit it like a Taliban it is smal combact and you can take alot Rockets whit you if you have the right backpack 7) Head Range Plus - TrackIR Mod is a mod for puple that have Trackir and puple that using his Cam to look around h
  4. What you need of this mod is first usualy if you have it the Head Tracking devise or if you have it not you can use you Cam here http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm and then the mod it works fine
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630737877 is it posible if we put this mod in ? i think it will help people or lolks that using Headtracking and usualy puple if they have a Cam he or she can use it to
  6. aah you need to go on dienste and put it on
  7. i have a VR but it is the Ocolus rift gen 3 whit 540 pix pr 750 pix of longtime can i not play someting but if i can i will to play it and i will to buy me a new one whit more pix or pics
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