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  1. Good to see you had to recreate my ahoyworld account when I was lone wolf I used MSN an account I no longer have access to. Hows Tim is he still here
  2. I am very interested in helping keep the server troll and idiot pop Down .I was speaking with some of the staff yesterday to see if you guys could train me to use zeus better and they suggested I drop a few posts in here I am happy to have a discussion to temper my expectations. Best Regards R Monkey
  3. Hey all after some time away due to no computer I'm Back. a year ago I used to be here every day piloting or soldering. I am happy with a new IGN of Rope monkey I used to be called Lonewolf. or wolf. I'm a 29 year old Muppet who spends a lot of time on arma. who lives in Scotland Fife. I am looking on improving my skills in zeus I have dicked around in some public zeus spaces to try and host some fun missions. I would like to join the Public Moderation team as well as Zeus once I've been trained if possible. Best Regards Monkey
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