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  1. If it helps, I did set the script both ways and still does not seem to work. I think I'm missing something.
  2. Ok and thank you for getting back to me! Good luck on your exams!
  3. No worries. Thank you again. This is a huge help!
  4. I attached the file to hopefully help. So what I did was wanting to add objects that spawn in when the FOB spawns in. SO what I added to test was a wipeout and a tank at FOB martin. Orignally I added the markers with the term_veh10 and term_jet3. These terms were what was already on the map in the editor for placement for the current FOB. Then I added the two lines in the hopes it would work. Then speaking with you I changed them to aac_jet3 and aac_veh10. Still not working. I guess I am getting something mixed up when trying to get the script to load in the vehicles I want into the FOB.
  5. Good catch @Stanhope so many lines in there we defiantly missed it. Thank you. I assume this is as easy as placing the module back down and it should fix the issue correct?
  6. Checked again and the icons are placed and the script was changed. I just can not seem to find out why it is not working? Maybe I missed something? Invade_&_Annex_02AUG2019.Altis.rar
  7. I apologize it feels that way. That is not my intent. We appreciate all the feedback and help you are providing. I have attached the RPT file. I thought I did with the first reply. Here it is now though. arma3server_2019-08-02_15-57-11.rpt
  8. Followed this procedure and still nothing happening on our end. Changed thos icons to what you said and it is still not spawning in vehicles when FOB spawns
  9. We looked at the RPT file and nothing shows an error. However, we do have access to admin tools now on the server. However, we are looking for access for the curator option.
  10. I will look into it and get back to you
  11. The read me file is hosted on our box and is technically in the same location as depicted in the above post. I did have access when testing through the editor.
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