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  1. PeppiFun


    hello and welcome
  2. Hello Guys How i become a AW member and a unit like of the AW member?
  3. I'm looking forward for be there
  4. Hello AhoyWorld Guys For me the game was fantastic for the first time it is important that we always have a group with an AhoyWorld team leader. I saw a recording of TWITCH from XWATT yesterday, you can all see how you play (funny because see me playing ) but when you see the recording, you don't see too much action like more enemies, we have to walk too much like we come to the misson is then completely past the other group have reached the misson. I think more needs to be done, but guys, it is my opinion what I think. but for the rest it is also a loved game, I really like the game, the teamwork is much better I look forward to the next Sunday
  5. Looking forward but i must much learn
  6. PeppiFun

    Hello All

    hey welcome here on the server, here are all nice people you want to help and also in discord i am also new here for a while and i also have to learn alot but you will like it Good luck!!!!!
  7. PeppiFun


    welcome enjoy the server
  8. Hey SCHUBZ i will sure learn be pilot but first the normal things and when im be better in the eu1 then i will sure be the next time pilot will be nice. see you there
  9. Hey andera for sure welcome
  10. I definitely want to participate yeah will be exciting see you there can yours give the EU2 server number also then?
  11. Ok i will doing that maybe ?? but first i must learn the game im new in the game but its nice game its like btf4 i find greetings ?
  12. Hello, i come from europe So sorry for my English Im new here on this server and i must say its very nice server with much fun and team work and that i like i like to play WAR games but it must be fun and team work i hope we will be play together and much make fun with the game ARMA 3 just a ask is here events competition??? see you soon on game guys??
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