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  1. Whigital's post in Removing any kinds of explosives from "Free IDAP" side mission's tent guards. was marked as the answer   
  2. Whigital's post in More Ambulance Spawns and Better Ambulances. was marked as the answer   
    Beacons have been re-added, with the caveat that they turn off when the driver exits the vehicle. If there are complaints from the player base, they'll be removed again ....
  3. Whigital's post in Permanent siren off on vehicle exit was marked as the answer   
    Addressed in I&A 3.3.73, which should go live any day. This (should) apply to all vehicles with beacons/sirens that are available as rewards:
  4. Whigital's post in UAV despawn for UAV-Operator was marked as the answer   
    Despawn action on the drones are in. Wanted to enable despawn of remote controlled drones, but that turns out to be a little tricky. So for now, you have to physically be at the drone to despawn it. Will be looking into having the option when remote controlling too, but might take a while ....
  5. Whigital's post in Vehicle Despawns in EU1 was marked as the answer   
    Vehicle respawn script got some love just now:
    - Valuable assets with a respawn timer greater than 5 minutes will no longer be deleted, instead, they'll be moved back to their spawnpoint.
    - Vehicles will now have a 5 minute grace period after abandoned, before they're respawned/moved
    - Vehicles close to base with players within 10 meters (filling inventory etc.) will never despawn
    We might have to tweak this a bit the coming versions ....
  6. Whigital's post in Commander scroll wheel menu option to set countermeasures to "Auto/Manual" in wheeled/tracked vics? was marked as the answer   
    We'll investigate the feasibility of this feature, but no promises. Initial googling indicates the "IncomingMissile" EH is iffy at best
  7. Whigital's post in Enhanced Btr-k was marked as the answer   
    Done ....
  8. Whigital's post in Adding missing Spetsnaz equipments to EU1 Arsenal was marked as the answer   
    Done ....
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