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  1. Update: Cleared Digur Farm, returned to Digur Border Patrol and the blue bar was at 50% - so I drove around the red area increasing the patrol a square at a time (upto 5 squares). No hostiles found, the hostiles registered to the sector must have 'brave brave sir robin'd' a fair way away - or they are hiding in the rocks. How long should I vacate the area, to get the sector to restart?
  2. The Digur Border Patrol sector seems to be having problems. I killed all the things I could find, grenaded alot of the rocks, RPG'd alot of the rocks and tried to peer into the rocks using 3rd person views. There are alot of rocks. I am thinking the AI have arma'd into the rocks - but can not prove it - nor get the blue bar to increase. See attached image : Black dots were to prevent my fragile little mind going into a frenzy worrying about missed areas. I walked around, for 35-45 minutes like I was "huntin' waabbits" - but no more hostiles found to kill. If I got a mortar or
  3. Ahoy players, There has been much moan and such whinge about NVG's going a little pete-tong on Lythium. If you have the problem of NVG's going extremely dark shortly after hitting the 'on' button - then change your 'HDR' setting to 'Low' in your video options. -Image attached showing the drop-down-box for HDR setting. If you do not have the problem with NVG's, then please ignore this post. Here is a link to one of many threads about the Lythium HDR issue: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/6842 I hope this helps, Mackers. PS - you can change it back fo
  4. Thanks for the replies, that means i'll not re-install it - happy days there. This is just a games machine, nothing work related etc on here. I used to use the RPT file in A2 to identify faults with mods or my old hideous scripts; I have zero experience with Zues and it's mods - I'm guessing they kinda do what that MCC used to do. In some ways it was superb, in some ways it was not. Having to sort through 40-50gb of mods trying to find that one needle in the haystack was a right PITA. Even then, some faults were generated when certain sequences were performed - not all the time. Some w
  5. Hi Dev Guru's, I hope this is the correct place for questions regarding IA3.3.X I have been looking into why I have performance issues at random times on EU1 and noticed the following errors in my RPT file. During a Zues session where lag was pretty harsh, my RPT file grew to 400-500kb which is massive compared to other servers. I'm not sure what the Zues was doing but it seemed to upset my game. I totally understand that there is alot going on in a server with 40-50 players, fresh AO, fresh side and priority mission - plus a Zues OP. Yet, I feel something is a little off - either
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