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  1. Having the mission running for just an evening would be popo. The mission itself would need a cleanup system and something to balance the number of enemies on the map as lengthy plays will suffer plenty of lag from ambient enemies and stuff laying around. gotta add infinite IEDs and vodka to the arsenal box. yeet out.
  2. The Altian guerrilla is in great desideratum of more guerrilla-ish apparel for guerrilla operations on 'em forces on I&A 3. Consequently, we require more attire such as Syndikat clothes to match our AKs and RPGs to coalesce in with our natural habitat as we storm the AAF, CSAT and civilians with pride for the more preponderant good of Altis' future. thank, peace out.
  3. AW’s MVP 2019: @LH5 AW's Worst Memory: @WinterMute AW’s Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: Debatable AW’s Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @MidnightRunner (tie with @LH5 and @RiverWolf, supplies the Altian guerrilla with cookies and IEDs) AW’s Second Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @Xwatt (finances the AhoyWorld space program) AW’s most Active Staff Member 2019: @LH5 AW’s Most Helpful User *Non-Staff* 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Most Friendliest User *Non-Staff* 2019: @Jonas AW’s Strictest Admin/Moderator 2019: @Lindi AW’s Most Tacti-Cool ARMA player 2019: @Kacper AW’s Best Teamplayer 2019: @Jenkins AW’s Most Underrated User 2019: @Kacper AW's Most Inactive User: @Ryko AW's Second Most Inactive User: @D.Devil AW’s Most Incoherent ARMA Player 2019: @TastyMalone AW’s Best ARMA pilot 2019: @Whigital AW's yes: @RiverWolf AW’s Worst ARMA pilot 2019: @applechaser AW's Best Computer Specs: @Stanhope AW’s Funniest Person On Teamspeak 2019: @Admiralbumfluff AW’s Best Voice 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Best Drunk Member 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Worst Joke 2019: @Xwatt AW’s Best Moment 2019 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): AW’s Best Forum Post 2019: (please put url in): yes AW’s Best Driver 2019: @Jonas AW’s Worst Driver 2019: @Xwatt AW’s Best Fail 2019: @Xwatt AW’s best TeamSpeak Channel of 2019: "Away From Keyboard" 10/10 would IED again
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