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  1. and ontop of stans point, the last couple of weeks i see the huron containers always getting transportet to guardian so people do use them
  2. Welcome. hope you have fun while playing on the community servers and ask if questions should come up
  3. AW’s MVP 2019: @Jenkins AW’s Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @Lindi AW’s Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @LH5 AW’s most Active Staff Member 2019: @LH5 AW’s Most Helpful User *Non-Staff* 2019: @Gambit AW’s Best ARMA pilot 2019: @Whigital AW’s Best Drunk Member 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Worst Driver 2019: @Xwatt
  4. @Jenkins let me and my noodles be i can eat and fight okay =D
  5. Welcome Spaget And JJ you just waited for something like this didnt ya? =D
  6. The Minefield is a good idea but i wouldnt recommend the UAV for multible roles even if you restrict the Greyhawk and the UCAV to the uav op only people will start trolling with drones and it will be complicatet finding those people when multible are online at that moment
  7. Well stan i must say i liked the old version of it better, the scribts are good but i must say i liked it better with the bigger weapon pick choice and after the update i have terrible fps on the server, and why no ak as a weapon anymore =(
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