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  1. 1. Vip Transport Mission 2. A way to gain intel by transporting a VIP from town to town. Meeting the Eldar of the town. 4. A man is at the base, if you talk talk to him he asks you to bring him and his interpretor to a town to meet the Eldar of the town. The mission an optional transportation mission of a Politican/Diplomat to gains the hearts and minds of the people. after the meeting you can transport him to a new town and repete. part 1 of the mission is to find the Eldar, prefrably in a mansion, church or moske. part 2 is bringing the vip and interprator to the eldar, im thinking about this as an opptional mission, mayby it does not create a map marker but you need to talk to the VIP to get the name of the town he wants to travel to. i altso imagine he shud not respawn, as a new Diplomat whud not trust a taskforce that lost one of his friends. making the life of the Diplomat valuable. sudo code for outcome of the meeting.
  2. 1. Black Hornet Nano UAV 2. a Short range infantry uav, low battery cappasaty. 3. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27244#comments 4. as a response to post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Hornet_Nano#cite_note-17 Is used by USA, UK ,Norway Germany, in Afganistan /Iraq have tested it whit current modpack, problems whit: weigth, rechargability and same detection radius as normal darter.
  3. 1. Enable UH-60M ESW / ESSS as armed helicopter for the usa army/marine 2. customisable loadouts whit AGM missiles and gunpods, altho no targeting optoics. 3. is in current modpack
  4. so i had a problem that no matter how menny times unchecked the fir box, it still started it. Solution: make sure the modset in the online tab is clear and not set to ahoy enhanced or what your modset is called.
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