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  1. Welcome to Ahoyworld!
  2. Dusty


    Welcome Puka, enjoy your time here!
  3. Welcome to AhoyWorld! Look forward to seeing you in the field!
  4. Welcome to one of my favorite meats!
  5. Welcome to AhoyWorld! See you in the field!
  6. Welcome to AhoyWorld! Dusty
  7. Welcome to AhoyWorld! Come say hello on the teamspeak and get to meet everyone! See you in game!
  8. They've made the decision at my work to open the store all week between the hours of 10am-4pm as opposed to 9am-6pm...that's all they're doing for us
  9. My company still isn't letting us work from home or not go in at all, so I'm still out and about being at risk...
  10. Welcome to Ahoyworld! Hope to see you in game soon! Dusty EDIT: Sorry for posting twice, mobile data is atrocious...
  11. Welcome to Ahoyworld! Hope to see you in game soon! Dusty
  12. Welcome to AhoyWorld man! See you in the field! Dusty
  13. Dusty


    Welcome man! Remember seeing you on the other day!
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