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  1. MaRFy

    Still no clue. I wasnt warned or notifed. Cant remember something what might touch somebodys feeling couple of days ago. But we have pollitically correct world now so its possible. Just let me know what penalties are applied on me. Ty. As to topic of some kind of racism i will be super carefull about this stuff as i thouth i am. I suppose you have the evidence but as you cant tell me what was the reason i cant respond to direct situation. I played on your server a lot last days and it was fun. Decision to ban me without justification was really suprising. Im reasonable man its up to you to decide. You can accept my apologies and promise of watching over " naughty words " especially the "N" one edit: its possible it was what i said in the helicopter?
  2. MaRFy

    In-game name when banned: MaRFy What message displays when you attempt to connect? admin ban/racism Why do you think you were banned? No idea... was afk for few mins Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Can you specify ban reason? Im not aware of anything Which administrator banned you (if known): When were you banned: 13.1.2017