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  1. A few ideas and more

    When zeusing on a server with 60 people, AND telling them to try marking buildings they clear, people do not do it. In some AOs, there is a barracks with AI in them. It took the players 2 hours to do it, asking and "telling" me it was bugged when I was looking at a building with 14 guys in it, and all because it was one building, on the edge of the AO that nobody could be bothered to check. In a perfect world, or in EU3 sure, but with EU1, people dont always think first, they do.
  2. I&A: FOBs don't lose after server restart

    Only problem with this is there is no goal. With all FOBs unlocked, the gamemode just turns into a killing floor. All you do is run around the map killing AI, I get some people can enjoy this but others dont. With the FOBs being reset, it gives the players a goal to work towards, a reason to go to the missions and complete them. It means there is a method to the madness of EU1 . Also, whilst the admins may not be happy with you asking them, you can always say something along the lines of "I wouldnt mind a restart but can we not keep one of the FOBs". With a sentence like that i normally can seduce an admin into giving us one of the lesser FOBs and then we work towards the bigger one. My opinion.
  3. rant

    Can we all not just get along for once in our lives? Why is there a need to make a rant and involve the entire forums? If you have an issue with the way players acted, then tell them. We're all old enough here to deal with it are we not? So lets all just get along, stop the ranting which scares players off, and hug.
  4. "Secure Intel"

    There are two different types of this mission. One of them is where an officer spawns. In this mission you need to find the CSAT officer in the field, he will normally stand near some unarmed vehicles. Then you make your way over to him and capture him. The other version is similar. For this it is a vehicle that is the intel. Similar to the officer intel, you need to locate the unarmed vehicles, one of these vehicles is the intel. To capture it you need to use your scroll wheel on it. If the officer dies/vehicle is destroyed/vehicle or officer escapes, you fail. A way to do this is to scout the mission first, check whats there in the AO and find your target. The officer will look slightly different to other foot soldiers so you should be able to tell the difference. If there is no officer, then you have to cap the vehicle. Regardless of which one you get, you then either kill the infantry and/or the patrol vehicle (normally an IFRIT), if they are too close proceed then to take out the wheels of the vehicles. Funnily enough a rocket does the job a bit too well. Then, take out anything in your way and go grab your prize. Sneaking up will rarely ever work due to the simple fact that AI in arma... is simply AI. AI does what AI wants.
  5. TK Penalty

    Then you also have the problem of what happens if a player accidentally kills multiple people at one time? (Does happen, done it myself once) The problem is thatif somebody accidentally kills a squad of people that he thought were enemy, perhaps because he was in thermal, he will end up with 6 TKs. With this sort of system that would be thought of as a serious offence, and they would be kicked, or maybe even temp banned. Then they would have to make an appeal and get unbanned etc. The system just wouldn't work out including other issues such as derp revive which is the system used to allow players to revive etc.
  6. TK Penalty

    A system like this has been thought of before by a few people. The only flaw with it is that whenever a pilot crashes/gets shot down, the people inside his helicopter that die count as a team kill, which I'm sure you've noticed. Another issue would be that there is no way for such a system to identify against the friendly fire that is accidental and purposeful. Currently the best thing to do is to screenshot or record the player doing the team kill and then make a player report against them.
  7. So @kman, I feel like that is a lot of text and that I am a very lazy person. This means that I hate you. But you really need to find something better to spend your free time on
  8. AWE Training Polls

    Perhaps we can practice difficult insertions such as these. Maybe learn how to do paradrops, fast ropes, water insertions etc. Wouldn't have to take a long time since it isn't really all that hard to pick up on. Maybe even blend it in with another type of training.
  9. I would like neither. I want one where it isn't near milsim, so it isn't too difficult for new players. But I want milsim values so that we all act as a team and work together. Yet in the downtime we can all still have some fun at the arsenal. This way it would be made so that new players can still join in and fit in but yet we still have that little bit of a milsim touch. I like EU3 were it is at the minute, it just needs some more organization.
  10. How does the dead/destroyed despawn script work?

    Problem is the cleanup script will clean anything that is dropped by players etc. This will mean that the eventhandlers will need to be added to every item that is dropped. Also used for the ejection seats which will then have the same issue. For units, yes i could see it working however there will need to be another script to add eventhandlers to each newly dropped items such as when an AI dies, and drops his weapon, or when a player drops his equipment on the ground then a way is needed to add the eventhandler to said item etc.
  11. How does the dead/destroyed despawn script work?

    Sadly adding event handlers also hits performance
  12. New game-mode idea: SpecOps - Mission

    Some people I know from other communities that run this mod say that their server performance is quite poor when running this mod with crashes etc.
  13. How does the dead/destroyed despawn script work?

    Problem with this is that the script is resource intensive. This means that the server performance dips ever so slightly every 6-10 minutes when it is ran as it is checking the ENTIRE map for things to delete etc. You put this on a one minute timer and the performance of the server will drop probably significantly since it is having to make multiple decisions at once, and the script doesnt always run instantly, it normally takes some time for the script to be fully executed therefore the downtime between each time it is run will maybe be less than one minute, leading to a decrease in average performance, which is something that is valued. Would also mean that if you drop something you have one minute to pick it up, and anything else it cleans up.
  14. AWE Training Polls

    Could be distracting if done too close. If I was getting talking to and was looking at an F18 in the background flying around, I definitely know which one would look more appealing. But then again thats me and my 10 second attention span, put a penny in front of me and I'm distracted
  15. AWE Training Polls

    Maybe do a night where it is advertised as for all players, one for new players, one for more experienced players. That way people don't come up to a training and get bored and mess around instead of paying attention. That way people who are long time players and have good knowledge don't hop in a game night for newer players. Also, maybe before the training do a full reboot. That way people don't stick around during the training waiting for people to be finished with it so that they can play. Maybe make it to were if you aren't taking part in the training you ain't on the server