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  1. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see if it comes. Im sure it can be done but it could take them a while to get it going.
  2. You to, hope to see you out there someday
  3. Someone reported a bug where the teleport scripts sends someone to the middle of the ocean instead of to the FOB Terminus. In the mission files the FOB is called FOB_International_Airport however in the teleport script the name of the marker it is sending them to is called FOB_Terminus. If you switch either of the names around then it should work fine instead of sending people on a one way swimming trip.
  4. Oh dear Not another Belgian. Hopefully you can meet @Stanhope before you leave uni as he goes to the same one. Hope you get to have fun here with us, and there is a lot more of what happened last night to come yet. Good to see an experienced MilSim player join us Hope to see you on EU3 again and hope you have lots of fun with the rest of us!
  5. HELLO, well we hope we get to see you around more as well. Good to see that the servers still appeal to players both new and old If you ever get bored in I&A we also host Enhanced (EU3). This is more of a tactical milsim which most of our more experienced players hang out on. We also have EU6 which is our MSO which gets hosted most Friday nights, (if possible) by a Core Staff member called Christiansen or sometimes another staff member if Christiansen is unavailable, for example Copey. Any questions or suggestions, ask away. Hope to see you in and out of the servers!
  6. Awesome, good to see it wasn't thrown in blindly for us to find out the hard way . I had heard that the FPS can sometimes DROP on that map so that is god
  7. Quick question, why is Bornholm not in the repo? Am i just blind or has it been delayed or removed due to a problem with its functionality or has it been traded with something else?
  8. I agree, completely. People shouldn't be able to do whatever they want to because they hold a certain position in the community. Just because you have more symbols beside your name in TS, doesn't mean you can bend the rules to your liking. This is the sort of thing that is driving people away from AWE. If things like this continue to happen, and people continue to get away with it then we may as well get rid of the rules. They are there for a reason, when someone breaks them they should be punished, not just allowed to walk away. If we have rules on the server then they need to be enforced, otherwise people will walk away. I have heard rumors that people are beginning to look for other communities for this reason, and if people can't face their actions, then they should think before they do things. And also, they should be able to stand up to the fact that they ****ed up and deal with it, not hide what they did...
  9. Time for some feedback. First off, brilliant concept. Needs work. For example, the airfield that spawns the attack bird isn't centered. That hellicopter made it a steamroll for OPFOR. Most of us BLUFOR just left. Maybe make core assets, such as the Bradley respawn, however apparently it was because OPFOR stole it. Maybe make it so that each vehicle is locked for the team. I don't think it did. Maybe also decrease the helicopter respawn timer, we were sitting in base waiting for it 90% of the time. Why not use the stinger? That is the third problem. We had a stinger and a javelin, both we could use. Both had no ammunition, meaning both slots were effectively useless. Not sure if OPFOR had the same issue. This meant that OPFOR had complete, uncontested air superiority and BLUFOR couldn't contest. This eventually led with people leaving as it turned from PvP to a slaughterhouse with all BLUFOR air assets getting wiped out immediately. Another issue is that it takes too many shots to kill someone, however this could just be Arma being Arma as both @LEO and I both had instances where we lit someone up to end up not killing them. Amazing idea and I would LOVE to see it come back, however some tweaks are required.
  10. For the cinematic side of life I would recommend heading to the editor and opening up the zeus mission (will be downloaded when you join the mission, quick google search or ask on TS). As for anything you need to know, don't be stupid. As long as you stay in line everything will be fine . As for how the servers run Im not sure if you mean in general or on a zeus gamenight, so I will say both. EU 1, 2 and 4 are all organized chaos. Go and do what you want within the ruleset. EU3 is a more tactical version of the previous three. On here we use a large modset and play in squads and actually use tactics. On EU6, the MSO happens every Friday. This is where EU3 is taken to the next level. Its as much milsim as you can find here and has things like first person lock etc. to add to the feeling of milsim. As for gamenights, you read the post where they were announced and do what the staff says and do what the gamenight host says. Other than that, I hope to see you around and hope you have fun here
  11. Well it used to be there but I was also thinking of putting it in at the FOBs aswell as at the main base. Only problem is that the way that I made it it would take multiple loops which hit server performance
  12. This is similar to the old hunter vehicle script. The difference is that instead of spawning an unarmed hunter every time it is clicked, it only spawns one hunter every three minutes. The time can obviously be edited to suit needs. If the vehicle has already been spawned less than three minutes ago then a hint is displayed. Currently the hint is displayed globaly to the entire server however I'm sure this can be changed to display it in the area of the spawn point. It functions the same as before using addAction on an AI character. This is the main spawning script. This is another script which creates the delay. This variable is inserted into the initServer.sqf as it is needed to be set as true for the script to run in the first place
  13. By guest Im assuming that you mean that they are not admins, but you want them to be zeus aswell. In that case you would have to set their rank as 'Spartan'. They have access to zeus and nothing else. The name is zeusSpartanUIDs. You go to the same folder and do the same steps as before. They then should be shown as spartans in game.
  14. Welcome Mikko! Glad to see you decided to join the forums If you need any help with anything just hop on TS and start talking to people. Not all of us bite. Hope you have fun with the rest of us. See you on I&A
  15. Almost certain this doesn't work on any map. I think it was Takistan I also saw it not working