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  1. Make rewards despawn after a period of time. Just add it in their init like all other vehicles. Will think of more later so this will get edited most likely
  2. Sometimes when you connect to a UAV it doesn't let you control it straight away. It normally takes a bit of messing with. Not sure why it does it but it happens. All you have to do is mess around with it and be patient and you will be able to control it.
  3. Kajman + advanced flight model.

    Kajman does flip indeed, @Xwatt and I tested it ourselves with a third player. However it doesn't always happen 100% of the time. There were certain conditions about the rotors if I remember correctly. However Im not sure if the pilot was using AFM or not, we just used him as our guinea pig.
  4. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Might want to add some spoilers, the way it is I'm not reading it and some other may not want to, its too much text, but spoilers would make it nicer.
  5. EU#1 & 2 Accepted Addons & Repository info

    All thats left for you to do is to check that you definitely have the mods allowed on the server being loaded or re-install the mods (using the AWE or different version of CBA). Thats what my Arma 3 sync for EU1 looks like, and it works fine.
  6. Couple of suggestions

    First of all..... welcome! Good to see new people coming and giving their views as a new person Now... in my opinion some of these ideas are quite good but others I personally disagree with. To help you out with this, friendly players cannot dress in CSAT or AAF camouflages, which are the most common type of hostiles you will see. It may take a while but eventually you will be able to tell just from a glance, although admittedly I have walked with a few CSAT soldiers from time to time. Personally I quite like this idea. Helps out the newer players to Arma by giving them a few pointers, bravo! However the only problem I can see this causing is when players use tracers (which they can) then they could get a lot of blue fire focused on them. However, I still am quite a fan of this. To put this simply, this is the nature of EU1. It is there to offer that style of gameplay and always has been that way. However, there is a more teamplay oriented server which is EU3, or AhoyWorld Enhanced if that tickles your fancy. It uses mods, and also requires a bit of game knowledge and common sense (which is rarer than you think) but that is where the team play happens. Other than that, it's good to see what a person that is newer in our community thinks. Thanks for the insight <3
  7. HQ building

    Sadly, I told Xwatt to add the fact we need ideas that aren't too similar to in game things already. He's good at his job . I'll let you off as you think modded is better than public, but effectively the relatively new factory priority objective does this. The factory spawns in specific units. It was thought of and is a good idea however in my opinion it is too similar to what is implemented already with that factory. In regards to the radio tower, I'll wait a bit longer before I say anything on this, I'm sure it can be discussed here and internally. In saying that however, I might add in a modified version of your HQ building idea, it will definitely be kept in mind. Lets hope the ideas continue to flow in!
  8. Invade & Annex 3.2 Update & Feedback

    Like to point out this is a sub objective, not a priority. However I am currently thinking about adding a reason to take it and the cache out as both have 0 effect on the AO. If you have any ideas throw them in the ideas box, believe or not but I actually do read most of them
  9. Thank you!

    Wait... who payed you again? I forget
  10. Hi Im new here

    As long as you shoot the right things that's fine by me! Welcome o/. Come to EU1 and spend the rest of your life playing on your computer, join the darkside . Hope you have fun, and welcome!
  11. Community Logic

    Just to add to this; I was sick so couldn't let you know any earlier Gay isn't a gender, it's actually orientation. Also, admins are friendly, just not to people who are offensive. So just a tip, don't be mean nobody appreciates it And actually I do find rape offensive. A family friend had a bad experience one time with it... Don't say things like that, there are 60 people in EU1 a lot of the time, you don't know any of them and what they are like
  12. We need your ideas

    Only issue I can see with the arty tank is that it can be taken to the corner of the map and abused to hell and back. That can quite literally wipe an entire AO with a few clicks of the mouse. Another issue with it is the blast radius of its shells are ginormous, which will lead to more teamkills, we get enough with the mortars, god only knows what it will be like with a mobile artillery. Not only this, but you can move it just outside of base, fire your shells then drive 500m back into base and rearm. Whilst I personally would like to see an artillery piece get used, I just don't think the public players can be trusted with one. Its too powerful, campy and easy to abuse. Yes, there are probably ways to work around these, but the time, effort and resources to do so would be a lot greater than the outcome. The mission idea is great, one I toyed with in my mind myself. But imo, artillery is way too strong to have as a reward. Then again that's my two cents. Not trying to sound to blunt, but people can find a way to abuse a mortar, I'm frightened to see what they could do with artillery
  13. A few ideas and more

    When zeusing on a server with 60 people, AND telling them to try marking buildings they clear, people do not do it. In some AOs, there is a barracks with AI in them. It took the players 2 hours to do it, asking and "telling" me it was bugged when I was looking at a building with 14 guys in it, and all because it was one building, on the edge of the AO that nobody could be bothered to check. In a perfect world, or in EU3 sure, but with EU1, people dont always think first, they do.
  14. I&A: FOBs don't lose after server restart

    Only problem with this is there is no goal. With all FOBs unlocked, the gamemode just turns into a killing floor. All you do is run around the map killing AI, I get some people can enjoy this but others dont. With the FOBs being reset, it gives the players a goal to work towards, a reason to go to the missions and complete them. It means there is a method to the madness of EU1 . Also, whilst the admins may not be happy with you asking them, you can always say something along the lines of "I wouldnt mind a restart but can we not keep one of the FOBs". With a sentence like that i normally can seduce an admin into giving us one of the lesser FOBs and then we work towards the bigger one. My opinion.
  15. rant

    Can we all not just get along for once in our lives? Why is there a need to make a rant and involve the entire forums? If you have an issue with the way players acted, then tell them. We're all old enough here to deal with it are we not? So lets all just get along, stop the ranting which scares players off, and hug.