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  1. Some things I noticed: 1. Couldn't service reward vehicle. I was able to service all vehicles spawned in base, but not my reward vehicle, on the vehicle service pad. 2. Not able to lock reward vehicle in Base. I would prefer that people can't steel my hunter while I load it's inventory. 3. Not able to lock reward vehicle anywhere? In action menu it show permanent unlocked and in the right corner the hint vehicle is locked apears. 4. Clear vehicle option for reward vehicles, they come with alot of scrap in them.
  2. Some things i saw: 1. Clean-Up script dosn't work, everywhere were dead bodys 2. No second arsenal, there are resupply boxes but they are a bit Glitched, throwing out of inventory or not being accessible 3. Reaper Pilot was flying Ghost Hwak, don't think that's intended that way 4. Some information would be nice, like a secondary mission marker and an info text, not just an circle somewhere 5. I changed often roles to see what their equip is, that's when I noticed I blocked 6 slots in a squad and no role was properly working for me anymore
  3. One more thing to the item restrictions: Autorifleman can't equip the NATO laser designator(item will get removed)
  4. Just a question what can I understand under the name "progress saver"? My guess would be that after the automatic server re-start the mission would be at the same state as before the restart, but as I saw so far after the restart the mission begins with Selankano Windmils and no bases as normal. So what kind of progress is it and what gets saved?
  5. Since 3.3.5 we have our old Ground-Service-Pads back that are capable to rearm vehicles without the lose off ammunition like with the Ground-Service-Pads from 3.3.4 but now we have an old problem again. The Service-Pad can now rearm again but therefore it cant repair like the ones in 3.3.4.
  6. Also respawning vehicles have not the unflip vehicle action
  7. What is meant by Unflip vehicle action "never saw it" just get inventory
  8. 3.3.5 1. Air Serivce Pads work, but they don't give any status hints like in the previous versions, that is somekind of unpleasant.
  9. In my experience the old one reamred all magazines and also the smokewalls, but it didn't repaired the vehicle.
  10. 1. Side Mission: Free IDAP 2. Just a thought "Never touch a running system" meaning don't replace code that works with some that dosn't. Would be nice if we could get the old Service-Pads back and also remove/disable all Side Missions that dosn't work so we don't have to deal with stuff that dosn't work as it's supposed to do.
  11. 1. After rearming vehicles like a Strider have 0 Ammo for the laser on the commander seat. 2. Smokegrenades will not be resuppleied 3. Side mission: Free IDAP - after killing all enemy units and freeing all the hostages mission won't be completed
  12. 1. Groundservice dosn't rearm vehicles with multiple magazines correctly - Example: A Hunter HMG has 2x200 Cal. 50 on spawn. After wasting all bullets and rearming at the Service-Pad it says the rearming is completed after rearming 1x200 Cal. 50 rounds.
  13. 1. Groundvehicle service Throws an Error: - Zero devisor (totalAmmo / maxAmmo) - maxAmmo of an unarmed vehicle is 0 2. functions/Arsenal/fn_gearLimitations.sqf - line 381 - unknown enum value: gud 3. After healing the Pilot at the Search and Rescue side mission I could't do anything to finish the mission, till it failed(time run out). 4. functions/Arsenal/fn_va_filter.sqf - unknown enum value: "derp_Ghillie" - line 405 5. couldn't open doors at Seize research data side mission - had to glicht through floor to get the intel
  14. Here is a full solution. - Server side trigger - addAction via remoteExec - runs only between Server and UAV Op - checks UAVs when UAV Op changed - addAction if needed testMP.Altis.pbo
  15. I will test a possible full solution on a private server will post the results soon.
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