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  1. [Guide] AT Launchers & Etiquette

    ........ That ain't an AT weapon, that is a fat man with drastically more range
  2. Bartlett

    Welcome man, I hope you have a good time. Be sure to listen to whoever is in command ( statistics show that you stay on the server longer ). You won't see to much of me in enhanced but feel free to say hi to everyone. Good luck 'n good hunting
  3. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome to AW, we hope you enjoy your stay. Point gun and pull trigger preferably not at teammates, make sure to know who or what your shooting and be sure to have fun. We thank you again for choosing for AhoyWorld.
  4. Greetings!

    Welcome I would say, If you really want to get into Enhanced there is a post in the guides section of enhanced telling you everything you need to know how to set it up. If there are questions feel free to stop by on TS and ask around or just having a good laugh with whoever is on. Cryo
  5. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    I think we can safely put cluster bombs in the same category as artillery rewards named: Never let anyone get hands on it regardless off circumstances at any cost.
  6. I&A: Cluster Bomb Support type

    I feel the TK's already incoming. Add on top of it that some ammo doesnt detonate and you also have some discount mines depending on the placement of the bomb.
  7. Prometheus: OP Achilles

    Imagine coming to work like that. " Yea boss, I think ill be taking a paid leave for a month." (Also it is a CAS pilots best case scenario, one good run and gone is 90%, juuuuuust saying )
  8. AWE Training Polls

    In my opinion, discipline is something you learn whilst playing along with some other things. ACE medical basics at most, go in depth if people want to train for medic. Last thing, don't make the sessions longer than 40 minutes or longer with breakers so people will retain their focus and remember more of what is said.
  9. Civilian population

    Damage to civilians is not a danger on EU#1, it is a guarantee unfortunately due to the nature of EU#1. The usage and application of explosives, armour, CAS, etc. is simply too plentiful and reckless for civs to be present. Beside that and like @ansin11 pointed out, it would really cut into the performance of the server. but that is just my view.... EDIT: JUst thought about it, the messages about civs being killed every 5 seconds is going to annoy people faster than the topspeed of the flash. Just saying....
  10. Looking for Alpha and Beta testers (and more!)

    First Enhanced test going live tonight
  11. I'll just say this right now, this is my opinion and not sponsored in any way shape or form. So, boats are kinda in a pickle right now. They are pretty much useless and pretty much useless for Mass transport thanks to the slow speed of most of em or the low capacity of others. How I would fix them would be first off all centralising their location. Second I would add AO's on hard to reach places for ground vehicle's (aka Islands). Maybe something else scripted in that gives me an edge over ground and air transport.
  12. A new Base

    Scar has a point. Slapping the base dead center in the map ain't realistic but do keep in mind we are talking about pubs were 75% couldn't give less of a damn about realism. They just want to play a gamemode which happens to be hosted by AW. If we were talking about Enhanced, I would agree but this ain't that. I personally have mixed feelings about the current FOB's. In my opinion each is only useful if it is close to the upcoming AO's or if it yields things like gunships and tanks (Looking at you FOB guardian andtheoneatmolosairfieldIdontknow thenameoff). I could go into this more but it hits the logistical nightmare of I&A waaaay too soon for comfort.
  13. Russian Bias, Liru Edition

    Classic Scar, love it
  14. A new Base

    I like @Eagle-Eye idea, would definitely shake things up but that is for another topic. I am starting to improve in making small high detail area's so @D.Devil let me know if main base could use a bit of renovating (Also, @Fletcher love your profile pic m8)
  15. Looking for Alpha and Beta testers (and more!)

    First Alpha test will commence in 15-20 minutes