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  1. So far, Urban Enviroment seems to be the most requested map so ill be focusing on that. Lets start taking a look at the maps....
  2. @BenjaminHL, you really think ill put a mission up when I think it lacks the fun factor? Don't worry about it
  3. So, after my gamenight which I could not attend unfortunately, I decided to up the difficulty for me and started to work on a bit of a larger project. before I continue however, I need to know what kind of environment the people of AWE enjoy the most.
  4. Ill be damn sure to pump out a new AWE PvP scenario when I get my hands on the maps and when I got the time. Pretty happy with the changes overall
  5. Mckillen, thanks for playing first off and thanks to anyone who played my mission. So far as I understand, alot of the problems come from the fact I am not used to AWE vehicle and not at all to the air assets. It is VERY difficult to estimate their power for me, thus the attack bird problem was something that was going to happen. One could argue I simply should have tested it more, but I cannot (even with my connections) cough up people to test something for AWE. Second, the ammo was a problem? Yes, I bvsaw that one coming. That is why I wanted to Zeus it, since the plan was that I would drop requested supplies every 10 minutes (see creators notes). I'll definitely looking into BLUFOR having their assets being whiped, but this stems from the 2 above listed things. I'll be sure to take all of this into consideration when I start work on the next mission, but for that I'll wait to see if which new maps are coming into the mix. Cryo
  6. It looks pretty good. However, the size kind of worries me. If it is near stratis size the AO's should be updated, either making em smaller or fusing multiple AO's into one better AO.
  7. 2 pilot slots are available under the logistics team with the commander and engineers.
  8. Creators notes: - Every team has the same kind of setup: 2 assault teams, an AT and AA team and a Logistics team with the sides commander in it. All start with default equipment but keep on reading. - Respawns are unlimited (but do let the medics do their job). Both for personell and base assets. HOWEVER, every airfield may have some assets that WILL NOT respawn. - Like said before, vehicles respawn. However, abandoned assets will remain there! - Factions listed were before conversion to AWE. They are USA (blufor) and Russia (OPFOR). - I'll be zeusing. Each commander may make requests to me for supplies every 10 minutes for supplies. - No ninja's please. You are allowed to hijack enemy radio's to listen in
  9. It also might be that I am not a competitive player :D. I prefer to do wacky shit in casual
  10. No Ryko, dont run off with my upcoming mission already!
  11. No, That isn't learning. That is being carried to a rank and realize you barely picked up any skills
  12. FOB Trump is the greatest FOB there ever was
  13. Pro tip, don't steal a hunter near a soldier with a Titan (rocket launcher) *cough* Scar *cough* and don't spam anything. Especially not the button that plays a tone after you press it. Accidents tend to happen than Happy hunting
  14. Yup, I am a giant dum dum. It wasnt run as administrator