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  1. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    Whilst I have no clue why they removed the UGV's (#MakeUAVSlotgreatagain), I can see why an UAV with AGM missiles is never coming on the server. The UAV operator is a support slot, which means you have to be called in before you can bomb target X and this often work because the ground troops find and laser the target whilst the UAV operator drops a bomb (or two) on the target. AGM Missiles circumvent the need for ground troops, since the UAV operator can just pick a target, lock it, fire a missile and repeat until the UAV has no ammo left or everything is destroyed. TL:DR Would love to see UGV's again but UAV's with AGM's would basically be an airborne version of Scar and that would suck the fun of others dry quickly
  2. A new Base

    @Patrik_swe the drive through is seen on the third picture, bottom left corner. And yes, the base is made so that NV isnt required to go around.
  3. A new Base

    @ansin11 ill put it on today
  4. A new Base

    So, This is for now the last update ill roll out. I am fairly content with what it turned out. The AA towers were moved so prevent bad pilots from going into them like a wrecking ball (at least I hope). The main thing that has been changed is the main area: The bunker was switched out for a larger shed which can contain some in house advertisement (Don't lie, I know you all love your billboards. They are everywhere in the spawn area ATM). It also should prevent people spawning inside each other or in the walls when a lot of people spawn in at once. I added a gate leading to the heli area as well to prevent vehicles getting in and keeping the occasional CSAT or AAF pilot out. There are now a couple of zamak trucks (ammo, fuel and repair) at the helipad so repairs aint too far off always and being a nice substitute for a heli servicing pad. Last thing that is worth noting is the slingload area. It is next to the motor pool and has a separate Arsenal and supply crates at hand. A couple lights have also been added/changed around to make sure that even without NV you should be able to walk around normally at the base. So, what do you guys think? Is it a worth contendor for when a new base is selected, do you think it needs more polish? Let me know down below
  5. Magical Driving

    What a day on EU #1 will turn out like, is never predictable. Like magical APC's.
  6. We need your ideas

    Maybe bonus objectives that reward certain types of blacklisted or unused gear like Clear the AO under X amount of minutes, Clear the AO without entering the AO, kill the engineer and the factory within 10 seconds from eachother. Small things that reward things like VIPER helmets (those are pretty neat), a sabotage (reduced amount of troops in next AO), etc. the nice thing about it is that you can add pretty much anything as a mission and anything as a reward. Maybe a tier system (harder mission, better reward?)
  7. A new Base

    So, after some hard work and much needed advice I am back again with an updated version. Its main improvement is that everything is more spaced out than before, so it doesn't feel like Singapore but like a proper base As you can see, the base is way more spacious now than before with the motor pool being moved outside the perimeter. This allowed the landing pads to be more spacious with hopefully less crashing on/near the pads than before. The bunker overlooking the helipads is meant to be the respawn, so people can look behind them to see if it is worth staying at the base for a pilot or going to an FOB (if avaible). The tent is the Arsenal and the 2 laptops for Tp'ing to the FOB's and purchasing arty strikes (underneath the concrete archway). The blackfoot also has been added, but I am not sure about its location so far. The helicopters have been moved to the terminal with a pilot respawn, hopefully no more wrecks that way at infantry spawn. At last, I setup 3 towers with Air defenses for keeping shikra's, gryphons and CAS jets at bay. As long as its hostile and airborne, it wont survive for long in the airspace around the base. I am trying to make the best out of it, so if you have any more feedback let me please know.
  8. A new Base

    No triggers were used in development of this base
  9. A new Base

    @Xwatt I am still planning to move everything around. Want the AA somewhere high with a clear view of the surroundings. The bar gate is setup in such a way that they are indestructible, I tried believe me. I went for a head on colission with a hunter at full speed. Pretty sure if it can survive that, it can survive alot more. @ansin11 pilots should always be careful, but I am gonna space it out some more. I'll be on this afternoon/evening, so if you want to say anything feel free to stop by.
  10. A new Base

    So, I hate sitting on my ass and doing nothing. Deciding I would give the new base idea a whirl again after the disaster of the South-West Base. I made a quick draft and these were the results. The large white building will contain the spawn and Arsenal. The helipads are lit up using the small green lamps and a large airport lamp. A vehicle/UGV repair is avaible, however I forgot the service pads for helicopters, planes and UAV. For if you don't recognize it, the proposed base is at the southern part of the main airfield. The HQ at the base is used as an AA platform. Certain objective like the gate barriers are made indestructible so nobody just goes straight through them. The middel area can be used for slingloading but that is most likely gonna be near the blackfish when I add the Blackfish. What do you all think?
  11. Escape The Island

    Can I borrow this idea? I think I know how to setup one pretty easily. First got to answer 1 question: To be in Enhanced or not to be in Enhanced?
  12. Operation Wrecking Duck

    One town cleared of CSAT, 2 times the extraction chopper crashed later and everyone is here to celebrate the victory!
  13. New mod; Chemical Warfare, thoughts?

    Interesting to say the least... However, I am not sure about its implementation...
  14. approved Firewill's A10

    It is an A-10, do I need to say more??? (Yes of course get in AWE)
  15. Malden Island Race

    @Amentes, I prefer not due to a couple of reasons. First of which is that is ain't nearely as engaging, second is that in case of abuse a pilot is way easier to track down than a nameless ghost. Also, if you crash and Zeus instantly repairs it there is than no reason to be careful and not crash. If you lose precious time or are eliminated when you crash, than you are way less likely to drive like an idiot. This is just my view on it...