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  1. Welcome! It'll be nice seeing you around the servers!
  2. Welcome, see you around!
  3. Terve! Nice to have another Scandinavian signing up!
  4. Welcome! See you around, DC!
  5. Welcome! You'll find a lot of good guys to play with here! Very warm community! Hopefully I'll see you around EU#1 sometime...
  6. Tjenare! Skönt att veta att man har en svensk krypskytt som täcker ens arsle när man kutat in i en fientlig gruppering! Welcome to the forums, bud!
  7. Nice to see you here on the forums, man! Welcome!
  8. Yeah, well, that's what it feels like for me at least. I usually mostly play on EU#1, and I feel like 65-85% (depends on when you play etc.) of the players doesn't give a single sh*t about balancing and carrying a realistic loadout, probably because they just play very causally. But I think it takes away from the immersion and the realism, because as it is now, most people don't really have to think twice before engaging since they have such a substantial amount of ammo.
  9. I'm gonna have to agree with Luetin on this one. I think it would improve the immersion and realism of the gameplay, and lead to more realistic engagements. Right now on EU1-2, most people just ask the pilots to fly to the new AO when being evaced from the previous one, instead of having to fly back to base to rearm.
  10. Hello! Welcome, see you on the field!
  11. Welcome! Hopefully we'll meet in person on the server(s)!
  12. Tjenare Patrik! Antar att du är svensk på grund av att det står "skickat från min iphone" ;);) Watch your six and I'll see you on the field!
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