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  1. @Kingfisher
  2. I also disagree because of the points already stated.
  3. I don't think this should happen. Mainly because at times i have to sacrifice Vortex transport because i need CAS urgently. Having the rally point allows SLs to be more flexible with their Vortex assets in my opinion. I think putting down a rally point when a Vortex is on transport duty is kind of "impolite" towards the pilots.
  4. Locking the thread before it gets out of hand/off topic as what needs to be discussed has been discussed and Copey has provided a good answer.
  5. The wonders of the desync
  6. We do have plans to remove the underwater side mission completely but we are not sure when it will be implemented yet, hopefully in the next version. We are listening and doing the best we can! -Teddy
  7. Radio checks are your friend.
  8. I'm a heartless guy stealing @razgriz33 pun
  9. @Copey might appreciate the ending
  10. Click on your name top right, go to account settings, then display name.
  11. You can delete the file in the Blastcore folder called "SmokeCS.pbo" it will return the smoke to vanilla style and is safe to run on server.