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  1. Possibility to change your name on the forums.

    Wow, I kept searching in profile. Need to stop doing these things late night i overlook way to much. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I have noticed there is no way to change your name on the forums. Maybe make this possible. Greetings,
  3. Don't make a sound

    This was on eu3?
  4. We're back!

    It's good to have the forums back up.
  5. Vacation

  6. Vacation

    So, my vacation has finally started. As I'm writing this from the train, I hope you guys will have as much fun on the servers as I will have on my vacation. Kill some csat forces for me and just blame me when something goes wrong See you guys after 3 weeks.
  7. Weekend Event Proposal

  8. Push the donation total over 1000!!!

    For the people that don't know it yet the donation fee is 0.24 pens
  9. Push the donation total over 1000!!!

    Alright now i get it. I'm just liking the way how the donations look i just wish someone could push it to 500 precise so my ocd is satisfied,
  10. Push the donation total over 1000!!!

    I'm not following you .
  11. Push the donation total over 1000!!!

    I should have not made this post.
  12. My problem with EU 1

    There are a couple things known by me. Server performance is highly effected by the amount of players on the server and the amount of scripts that are running on the server. The ahoy servers are hit hard cause of all the active scripts that are run. Also keep in mind that most of this is for the users experience, Less scripts means that more work is needed by an active admin/spartan. The thing with this is, you can't have a person active on the servers 24/7 so the scripts need to be there to spawn in the missions, clean them up, re spawn vehicles and so on. Yes, i do think the ahoy servers could use some better optimization. (just me thinking this is the main cause of the problems.) And last, the busier the servers are the entire day the more resources from the server are needed. (Fix for this might be more restarts let's say one every 2 to 4 hours) All stated above is how i know it used to work. This might not be the case anymore. The ahoy staff is always trying to improve the servers
  13. @Liru the Lcpl. didn't you tell yourself to stop writing these when you're at work? Look at the date You may wanna use day/month/year the more common one otherwise it might cause some confusion. Or use this and use all the date formats.
  14. Push the donation total over 1000!!!

    We have reached the 300 goal!!! Can we make it 350?
  15. Lirus ban appeal discussion

    I have some good news!!! If you guys haven't noticed it yet. The great @Liru the Lcpl. is saved. Now we can put these recent events behind us and continue our daily killing of CSAT and saving the civilians of Tanoa and Altis. @Liru the Lcpl., I hope to see you on the battlefield!