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  1. Well after the latest "update" of mods everything works and I made sure I deleted all the mods before asking for help, anyway thanks for the quick replies
  2. I get this error message when I try to enter the server with mods, and this is both in 64bit and 32bit I downloaded the mods from the Arma3Sync ftp and even tried straight from workshop, with the same result I hope I can get some help Cheers
  3. Hi guys n' gals I am an avid armoured vehicle driver and I often play on EU1 and 2 of the lovely Ahoyworld servers with my friends I have found that lately that the CAS seem to be spawning insanely fast and rarely do you get a great fighter pilot that can help against the CAS and thus the armoured vehicles are easy pickings and then cant be utilized properly am I the only one that thinks the CAS is too OP and ruins some of the fun?
  4. I have signed up and I hope I get in My good friend Vilstrup got me on to this "event" and I hope I can get in We have been playing together for quite some time, I hope to see you all on the battlefield
  5. Hi My name is Dan aka Decarbonizer Ive been playing ARMA3 for quite sometime, both here on AHOY WORLD and some clan server in Australia Im a young fella of 36years and I love playing on AHOY WORLDs servers because of the type of players that is playing on there I prefer SIM games over so many others and this community have been so welcoming and Ive even gotten some friends I am hoping to join tonights event Decarbonizer out
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