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  1. there is no (!) sing in any mod in the repository. now when I try to launch arma 3 this comes up. But the weird thing is that I have both installed.
  2. I have one problem with the mods. I downloaded BAF Units and Vehicles but I can't get in the server, it says that I don't have these two mods installed (or loaded) but I do. I have problems with these two mods only, can someone help me please?
  3. For me it doesent work I connected to the server and I am in teamspeak but in the server says that I am not connected to the server and apparently I cant take that black and white message out of my screen
  4. One last thing. What is the TS3 server for EU3 and where can I find the password because apparently they changed it
  5. Ok but which folders I use for the Plugins and the userconfig because I tryed but it says that the task_force_radio_win64.dll is missing but when I check in the folder it is there
  6. Hey guys I got one question. Is task Force Radio needed right now? because I can't find the user config and the plugin files in any of the folders installed by arma3Sync. Please help me I am really exited for playing in EU3 again
  7. Guys I have another problem. I am sorry to keep on telling you that I have problems. When I paste the link to connect to the repository I says conection failed. I don't think it is my internet, I think I am pasting the wrong link. I went to the YouTube video and got the link from there. If I am using the wrong link please send me the right one. This is the link I got: ftp://repo.ahoyworld.co.uk/modded/.a3s/autoconfig Please tell me what to do. FYI I needed to reset my laptop to be able to play the game.
  8. Hey Guys I have not been playing of Arma for quite a bit but I know how to install all the mods. I spent 1 and 1/2 days installing the mods and removing those that I don't need and today 22/6/2016 it has finished. I tried to get in EU3 but it says I need to remove/add some addons. I checked in my mods folder, I did not have those addons installed. Then I went to Arma3Synk and I did not need to add/remove some addons. Probably the Arma3Synk EU3 repository is not updated to the mods that EU3 needs/don't need. Please tell me what to do and help me with this problem. I am exited to come back to that Awesome server. Gianko
  9. Hey guys! I have a SUGGESTION for a new map on EU3. I am bored of Chenaurus , Takistan, Altis and ecc... I found this gigantic map that is the Australian Island map that is really big. If you don't want to add it it is ok don't forget that this is a suggestion. If you are going to add it if the OP is far away from the spawn I think a C130 or a C17 is mandatory because this is a big big map. If you want to check it out i will leave the link. I did not make this map. At least check it out before judging it. Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28882 Please Reply if you are or aren't going to use it. :-)
  10. Hey guys! I have a question. After 2-3 day mod update for EU3 I can't join it because I am missing a few mods that in the repository there is not. What should I do?
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