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    Planetside 2 Outfit

    played planetside for 6 years so far, i play NC on Cobalt though. normally solo play.. tanking.. name on there is Diilicious
  2. Now, as far as im aware I didnt make a intro topic way back when I actually joined, in 2015... though search functions are beneath me! My name had been Unit for a long time (around 8 years), so thats why my name is like that. since my name is Dii i thought id be a funnybugger and make a nice name pun. I have used this name in planetside 2 where ive played for over 6 years. Ive played most of my gamey shooting career in Command and Conquer: Renegade, online on the Jelly server before it went under, I typically play games where i can drive tanks been doing it for about 16 years in various games from the aforementioned renegade, to world of tanks, planetside 2 etc. Tanks are absolutely my jam, I can shoot fine but i prefer to drive in all honesty, 90% of a good tankers work is simply positioning. I enjoy flying in this game and do find it fun to shuttlerun with a ghosthawk or mowhawk if available. Hoping to get back into playing Arma 3 again, it was quite a lucky i found this server, I was scrolling down the server list, being in general despair at just how many role play servers there were and they were all full, in comparison to everything else, and i saw this server name and i was like "hey... i remember that name? dont i??" so i joined and sure enough my memory isnt quite as bad as I thought. Glad to meet you's
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